today login background statistics suddenly found a few IP from Baidu over Baidu, ha ha! Finally included my site, so site: a bit, just over 100, and Baidu said: "love to design" search, found in seventh place, search "love design" is ranked third, happy ing, this is not a waste of my every day this month to look at the manual update, together with my colleagues B cattle station, Baidu is still not a collection of my colleagues, speaking, only one word: JS has reached the realm of cattle! The flowers and leaves it, so he got the station is really Niua, engage in a sorting station, all write their own code, architecture features advanced, one hour and 58 city classification synchronization time, even 58 of the users he collected, lest they re injection Book, with 58 will be able to use his. This guy is the general acquisition system to write their own me, let me also say to the gathering station, quickly, I took charge of code acquisition, I am determined to do ah! First: my site is not suitable for the acquisition, the second acquisition will bring side effects of pain, so I resolutely useless. So the snail i still insist every day update 6 articles about the Baidu, but this guy is on my back! But Google was good for me, in an article I wrote, after the release of the 2 hours it will take you down to, really would rather kill one thousand, not is a


below to talk about my site experience:

always wanted to have a own site, a few months ago began planning establishment, mimihuhu 3 months down the site was finally completed, can be put on the server, then, at the beginning of the empty ah, so colleagues call me collect faster, but I have a plan on the line, 3 months is not absolutely not collection but also do not apply for union advertising, do not go to mass advertising, because I want to work hard to make a stand, if the mass can attract some traffic in a short period of time, people were attracted to you, but you don’t have much content, next time will not go back, so his own use C++ to write the email search and the mass and irrigation machine I don’t use. I did not go to Baidu to submit their site, it has been so every day to adhere to snail like updates, I did not expect Baidu really been my probation, hey hey, collected 100 articles. Oh, ladies and gentlemen, do not laugh at me! 100 articles for you is very small, for me a new station, it is a new beginning.

attached Baidu and Google to compare screenshots:





look at the contrast, we know that Baidu not only knows Chinese better, but also knows how to grab it. Ha ha, the literary talent is not good

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