has always been a commercial signal for beeps, rather low-key and restrained. However, in less than two years, the company has recently been sold by 2 million of its major shareholders at a low price". Beeps, pictures, and B, which also face a cash wall problem, have become the target of mass attention.

Since its inception,

and shareholders, "one world, two dreams",

January 2016 broadcast film "detective Sherlock special: the damned bride" is the first project after its establishment, BiliBili pictures also organized offbeat film viewing activities, the main performance of Cosplay. Then, as part of the joint production company, he joined the documentary "my the Imperial Palace heritage" and ">."

and B stood in the transition, in fact there are still some advantages: first, behind the initial investment of Tencent, another major shareholder BiliBili is still the world’s film industry background is not small, has produced "dwelling", "The Legend of Zhen Huan" and other popular video works, and the film at the box office earlier in a total of more than 2 billion. In 2016 revenue reached 1 billion 200 million. However, even with such experienced partners, the company’s record of content making has fallen, and the road to commercial realisation has become even more elusive. According to equity transfer listing information, beep miles pictures currently does not bring any operating income, net profit of 6 thousand and 100 yuan negative.

B stands for film, hoping to move from a community based platform to content making, and, on the other hand, "self sufficiency" can save the cost of buying copyright. On the other hand, through the investment of the works, it can bring copyright, advertising and other income.

has not invested in many projects.

according to public information display, the B station has more than one hundred million active users and more than 1 million active UP, sitting on a huge user groups and the value of the flow, and the influence on the young people in the crowd. But its head Chen Rui publicly said, B station has been in a state of loss. So, what needs to be tortured is why the B station hasn’t found a commercial breakthrough yet?

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actually, this is the only way for most video sites and platforms like B to do so.

two years ago, B station monk World Pictures "marriage" has let peers envy.

December 2015, the valuation of over 1 billion 700 million yuan beep barrage network B station /bilibili in hand, still world pictures set up "beep miles" pictures. According to public information display, still the world pictures invested 4 million 500 thousand, 45% shareholding; B station operators held 40%; Kuanyu digital station B chairman Chen Rui personal investment holds the remaining 15% stake, is still the world pictures became the largest shareholder of BiliBili pictures.


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