in Taobao, there are many people turned to do Taobao customers. So what is Taobao? Taobao is a person who helps Taobao sellers to promote goods and earn commissions. This is the beginning of the special fire done, and now it will be more difficult to do, but you can only have the ability to promote the ability to first-class, then I believe you Taobao customers will do very well. Do Taobao passengers, in fact, or promotion, to promote their own website, so that many people know, and then do nothing wrong. There are many ways to promote, we must find a suitable way to do so, in order to have more successful grasp.

Tinder relies not only on luck, but also on the clever design of the game mechanism and the accurate grasp of the user’s psychology.

some beginners are having problems. For example, the novice is most commonly encountered problem is the source where? Give us one of the most simple method here is that you use sh419 Search Taobao source, you will find a lot of businesses to provide for these businesses, the biggest advantage is what? That is the loan directly from the merchant on behalf of, we are here the equivalent of the same intermediary. Of course there are some bad places, on the one hand, we can not directly see the goods in the end how will be the quality of what the problem is, in addition, we earn less money, because businesses may also be the intermediary, this calculation may be turned several hands, when we hand very much. But the ability of people, it is best to pick a time to their own cities in the factory, so directly communicate with manufacturers, the middle difference, profits may be greater. More conducive to us.

Tinder is not new, Pinter>

simple is beautiful,

The success of

‘s foreign technology web site summarizes four ways Tinder draws deep users:

in looking for supply, we should pay attention to the credibility of the business how?. Sometimes we do not know how business credit, then you can go to sh419 that merchant, if the credit is poor, it will generally be exposed on the internet. If there is no problem, but also can not find any bad words, at this time it is necessary to judge their own. In addition, find the goods must be updated, can let a person love, also is very important to choose a age, if the elderly supplies, so it is not good to sell, because older people do not love the Internet, these things are all young people to help them buy. Something that’s turned around is worth a lot of money.

Tinder has become the world dating application rising star, captured many single men and women love to be.

what would your first reaction be if you talked about Taobao? At dawn, some people would react with a lot of fakes, and some people might have the first two cheap words. Dawn again to tell you that my reaction, this is a good project wangzhuan.

in the United States, Tinder has become a "installed essential" applications, in the App Store ranked first in the social networking applications category 25. Each day, the number of Tinder pairs reached 1 million 500 thousand, and more than 50% of users logged on multiple times.


infinite sliding mechanism excites curiosity

and technology consumers are always using multiple devices at the same time, such as watching TV or chatting with friends. This causes users to reduce the frequency of applications that consume a lot of effort. And Tinder users do not have to spend much effort, so occasionally from the phone, open the application, take a look.

The sliding mechanism of

its function is very simple, users can use the Facebook account to log in and browse the information of other people when they start the application. Each possible pair is presented in the form of a card, sliding left to skip, and sliding to the right means that the object is good. If you, then both sides can exchange messages, or even offline activities.

a lot of people now feel that Taobao has a lot of people are doing now is very difficult, in fact, you are wrong, now is the time to do Taobao, according to an official report, now Taobao is not saturated, or can be quite strong. However, now I have to do Wangzhuan enthusiasts, should do more than before. Promotion is the most important aspect, if Taobao promotion of good words, the effect will come out soon, now Taobao, the first thing you have to do is to establish self-confidence, self-confidence, all is well solved.

Tinder almost don’t mind what, it will reduce the cognitive load of two yuan to determine: the slide to the left or right skip love and slide? The traditional dating sites often provide a variety of ways of expression of feelings. For example, OkCupid users can send messages or chat to other ratings of 1-5 stars. A variety of choices, while offering more freedom of expression, also make users spend more mental work. "To ta 3 or 4 on good? I ought to send TA information? What should I say to ta?" before taking action, both men and women all over.

is also simplified as well as manual labour. Users of traditional dating sites have to fill in a lot of information and evaluate some of their own metrics. Once you make a decision, you have to collaborate with your eyes to move the mouse and click on the link on the big screen. It seems insignificant, especially for digital natives. But the more experience a service needs to spend, the less likely and sticky it will be for users to use it. In order to facilitate user operation, Tinder allows users to operate with simple sliding.

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