scam!A phishing scam: Taobao

even for new projects if required Wangzhuan charges of training will have very high vigilance, so many swindlers to engage in a free training, free training and this is often to join the network of part-time newcomers who were brainwashed, let them for this project is full of longing, that can make a lot of money, but when you decide to join, they will require you to buy him with the domain name and space, and the space and domain name has been mastered in the hands of those who, on the one hand the domain name and website space is rubbish, it is difficult to make money, on the other hand, if you pass the hard money, so they will take this space and domain name back, let you tears, that such a liar is so hateful!


if we want to do the part-time network through the open shop in Taobao above, first you will have received a lot to brush drill information, these information do not able to be a liar, but a considerable part is paid not to brush drill, and when you find someone to buy your what appears after the goods shelves of abnormal information, and then let you enter the Taobao username and password, of course they remind abnormal information under the framework of the goods should get Taobao’s anti phishing system, make you rather baffling lost shop, some people also put Alipay’s password to you these crooks, finally lead to shop and money two

sum up, although the network has a lot of part-time scam, but also a lot of real project to receive money and part-time, recognition is not phase > liar

this title looks a bit like you, of course here that day to earn 100 knife is a period of time through their own efforts, if you do not learn something and don’t want to pay more attention to earn that much, this is also the reason. To earn net to do.

in the first month, make full use of sh419 encyclopedia, understand what is what is the domain name, IP address, IP address classification, what is called the server virtual host, website space, what procedures, what is the web page code, understanding the concept of CMS, know shlf1314 Adsense, there are only some common, and many of the basic definitions and concepts are required to understand, if you find yourself reading do not understand, never mind, very normal, you will slowly understand later. Just like I used to study textbooks, I didn’t understand it at first. Then I found out that I didn’t understand it before. Learn a book, you can learn from the last page, don’t understand to turn the front. Of course, you can also learn from the first page, different methods, the same effect, the same.


second months: continue to be the first month of work, in addition to buy: host, domain name registration, strongly recommend that you buy the IX host the United States, can buy from me, 85 dollars a year, fortunately, three months after the return to you 85 dollars, that is to say you can be free for one year, and presented the three top-level domain, the host space is not limited to, traffic is not limited to, a lot of good… There is such a good thing? The answer is yes, to tell you the truth, you buy from me after I got a $150 Commission, I have returned you 85… Buy a host, the host panel background solution, domain name registration, domain name, download a FTP client software. Upload your favorite CMS, install.

two: free Wangzhuan scam

now has many organizations to let you pay to join, then they will give you a website template, such as some industry alliance website, there are some shopping sites, these organizations often before you join will allow you to pull off the assembly line, as long as you can pull in more members you can make money, but to make money through the website that is even more difficult, so this scam is a bit like a reality version of the pyramid, some people trapped and not extricate themselves, this is the novice who need to be vigilant when Wangzhuan

three: add some business alliance, as a member of the

third months: continue the first month of second months of work, in addition, you installed the CMS, understand the CMS front desk background, understand all the files in the folder, do know fairly well. This time your domain name has been registered, that is to say you have to do what?? diabetes? Bruce Lee? With you, what do you want to do what keywords the keywords, shlf1314, to see how much competition, and then make a choice. CMS background, you have been familiar with, and now ready to send articles, if you are good at English, I suggest you write your own original articles, in order to win the favor of several major search engines, quickly included your web page. If your English, then you can find articles from sh419, such as "best diabetes therapy" and "Bruce Lee’s story"….. And then use translation software to translate, because your English, so you can only modify the Machine Translation results, especially at the beginning of the end, so, send an article about three or four minutes. 10 posts can be sent from each station every day. There are thirty articles in three stations

life now is a great pressure, every month CPI are on the rise, the low layer CPI has more than 4.8 percentage points, which makes our quality of life greatly, especially for our working-class and grassroots impact is enormous, so we don’t have to do not want to what a part-time job, and now the Internet part-time is very suitable for our webmaster to do, is through Wangzhuan to improve his life, but the Wangzhuan everywhere is full of traps, how we can identify the beginner these scam? Let the author give you a summary of several common

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