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has always been one of the most commonly used and effective ways to promote web site navigation. Join the site navigation station can give the site a day tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of IP, more valuable is that almost all of the traffic is the most targeted, which the owners will not be moved? But most navigation stations are active included, many websites want to join in all hard.

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has a "pioneering" disease Internet entrepreneurs, will be through a variety of methods to "integrity" access to the user, and then through the various methods of "bragging" fooled investors, and finally through the various "idiotic" approach to money from investors that fudge "distribution" to the early adoption of "integrity" access to the user, in each >

"entrepreneur" itself spreads

good ah!

in June, Sogou Sogou alliance navigation station 123.sogou for union members to launch the "look around" Sogou won the praise the majority alliance webmaster, through the examination of the Union website has been in Sogou navigation column 123.sogou was a month’s opportunity to show, please see the first list and display position.

how did the disease spread?



now whether in WeChat group or cafe, can see a group called themselves "entrepreneurs", these people are often fled in all WeChat group and high streets and back lanes, no matter cooked and unfamiliar friends are plug technology company founder Zhang name card, and then began to introduce their own projects. For many college students, after graduation efforts are small staff unless there is a start, and Wang Sicong’s father, not three to five years are very difficult to rise to the director, VP, not only less wages, and friends are not a little face, it’s better to start, although bitter point tired point but at least, famous

why I say "start" and "doing business" is not the same! Because the business of doing business should be rational judgment, pay attention to the interests, just to make money, and pay attention to entrepreneurship: users, financing, burn trilogy.

President Ma


what are the characteristics of "entrepreneurship"?

a $160 billion Alibaba group has said such a sentence: "the dream is to have, if realized?", we would not talk about whether this is offhand, but such a sentence, let countless boys and girls infected with this disease, "entrepreneurship" bound forward leave, then bring your own dream, go on the way to realize the dream.

mid July, Sogou look around, activities second, attack again!


now has a common disease in the tech world, called entrepreneurship". This is a kind of disease that cannot be described in words and can not be cured. So far, no prescription can cure it effectively, and it has a very wide dissemination. Once infected, it will not be able to turn back.

media communication,

do you want to win both traffic and revenue? Do you want your website to have the opportunity to join the top spot in the Sogou site navigation page?

today, whether it is emerging technology media, or traditional media, are full of "entrepreneurship" this disease taste, even Tencent earlier opening of Tencent entrepreneurship. Now all the headlines have been "90 entrepreneurs" label scraper, and of course 70, after 80, but most can not think or those after 00 entrepreneurs.

in fact, many people think that "entrepreneurship" and "do business" is the same, entrepreneurship is business, business is entrepreneurship, in fact, this is a wrong understanding. The correct understanding is that "starting a business" is different from "doing business".

active link: sogou/union/hd/zzk/index.html

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