3, website advertising money, this is not easy for your website to have certain flow you have hope, otherwise, they will not allow you to apply for advertising, advertising to sh419 shlf1314, have a certain strength people despise you, then you only honestly do flow up. Moreover, it is not easy to build a website, although it is becoming more and more stupid, but it still needs a little professional foundation. This one has foundation, you can try.

I have said before, Wangzhuan industry is never a simple industry, not only simple, but also very special. The special Wangzhuan industry where?. countries had never acknowledged Wangzhuan this industry is normal but it is not illegal, why do Wangzhuan industry say in fact,? As Lu Xun said, there is no road, walk more, it has become the road; Wangzhuan industry in fact does not exist, but many people say, has become one of the existence of things; two. Special Wangzhuan industry is that it has the characteristics of entrepreneurship, because Wangzhuan industry can not be the same every month with the reality of the work has a fixed salary, in the Wangzhuan if you this month not brains to the operation of the project, that your income for the month is 0, your efforts with your return is directly proportional to it. Is the same with entrepreneurs, and bitter, but their sense of worth, which is your charm. You have the courage to fight in Wangzhuan industry in the drive? I’m sure you’ll have to challenge it. However, when determined, if you have done the best and the worst

5, earn money, investigate, make money. These in China at present is more popular, but as the investigation, not every day, maybe half a month to give you a survey, you will not necessarily meet the survey qualifications, hit relatively large, more patience, is a flower of life.

7, traffic make money. Now sell traffic, but overwhelming, and what flow software, hang up, you can hang >

4, in the station on the basis of a Wangzhuan alliance, is to use the site to pull off the assembly line, and then pull the line of tens of percent rebate, they attract bigger to make friends, have more money, but these sites not only have the ability to have a website, but also a sensitive sense of smell on site to make money, make money or what site suddenly collapsed or refused to pay, you do not know, you are still desperately offline, I am sorry the line, sorry I’m sorry your downline also sorry.

bar master

2, pull off the assembly line to make money, take a lot of jiamengfei mode in China, this is purely China type marketing model, in violation of the law, often at the beginning of a part of people earn their money off the assembly line, then the company suddenly collapses, smiled and cried for most of the bottom part, it is a sin. Abroad is free to join, but also to pull down the line, in fact, this is the law allows, but also to increase personal income shortcut, if your eloquence is good, the ability to pull off the line is superior, then you can try.


1, click e-mail, surfing this is a pure time investment, domestic money, good reputation is not much, want to rely on this money, can only do abroad, for most of the members, basically alone more, so in the end to get the money to do the payment more, I do n do not pay a lot of clicks later. It is a patient and dynamic problem, based on the actual situation, you have to do on surfing the mail, then you must use a lot of click on the site to make money, so that together can have a good harvest.

Based on the

‘s best plan: success

6, the forum to make money, to all the friends of the forum for global, for example Jinsha alliance, is a relatively successful, a meet the requirements of the subject, the forum will give you a few silver sand, until the accumulated Jinsha change to you RMB, try

station opened soon, has not yet been included in sh419, three days, really depressed, here I will write Wangzhuan method and the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of

before we do anything, we must consider the consequences of doing it, and the result is nothing more than two: the best and the worst. Wangzhuan is the same, in the world of Wangzhuan industry at the same time, we should be mentally prepared to succeed and fail how to face. Today, talk about their ambitions to do Wangzhuan industry into the best and the worst.

success has never been accidental, no matter what. Before you succeed, you need to work hard. Sometimes people can’t imagine it. Before success, you need to prepare something very very much. For example, I just started to do Wangzhuan, not blindly to someone else’s project, but calmly to concentrate on learning the basics to the above, I always believe that only the horse to do good, and when learning advanced tricks freely. Therefore, a good foundation is the root causes of success, whether in Wangzhuan or something else, remember. There are a lot of new friends always love to ask, do you think how long it takes to join Wangzhuan industry make money? I think, if you want to really dig gold in the network, you need to practice at least 1~2 years, this is definitely not empty or lying. Let me explain, why do I say that the need for such a long time? The first year is to lay the foundation for one year, your school website, HTML code, PS, even the basis you also need to spend several months, this is inevitable; good foundation in front of the master, the next is to learn network make thinking and SEO, the core of the 2 Wangzhuan technology is a long process, we need to constantly sum up in practice, but also the need for several months, just because you start doing regular practice of SEO requires a few months, this is a must; therefore, the first year of what you have to do is to lay a good foundation.

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