America "connection" magazine senior editor Geoff Howe in his famous "Crowdsourcing" pointed out before, in every field, different levels of elite or professional, occupy the right to speak and the decision of the industry.

The reason for

finally, do not easily join the charging program

secondly, don’t be greedy,

can see, the current Internet connection platform is making more and more effect in different areas of the role of individual shows, professional individual aggregation platform, professional individual fans gathered, with individual flow fans formed the brand and production of professional content docking enterprise and consumer, this pattern may form an undercurrent.

free Wangzhuan welcome love Wangzhuan friends exchange. Reprint please note the source, thank you!

from this sentence to see, this model is achieved in a fully open labor market. In fact, with the current mobile Internet sharing economic platform as well as a variety of social media platforms, broadcast platform, content platform, knowledge sharing platform for entrepreneurship development, completely open market tendency is becoming more and more obvious.

freelance English is self-employed self employed. In general, the free profession, as the name suggests, does not belong to any organization, or the person who works for himself.

is that the organization structure of the emerging enterprise from traditional enterprise to Internet technology


, the demand for talent in some enterprises tends to be shorter, younger and younger than

, first of all, don’t be blind.

many areas of the world will move from monopoly to openness,

, that is to say, each field group has a monopoly business in the Internet era, many individuals will be dependent on the output of professional content and skills of each and occupies a huge fan, forming a unique discourse and subvert the traditional organization, many areas of the world will no longer be from traditional monopoly or control group.

in the future, the freedom of occupation who rely more on platform to build professional captive fans and then to enhance personal price advertisers and companies seeking business model in the liquidity channel, personal organization weakened, prominent, IP will be in the workplace or even free entrepreneurs need to consider the direction and the way to go.

beginner to earn 100, earning $3000, you can imagine, there is such a good thing? Of course not possible?. Why are so many posts in the two case, a whoop and a holler, one is deceitful, is a kind of propaganda they haven’t earned money to get referrals exaggeration, the phenomenon was earning 1 dollars a day for the project to blow 10 dollars a day, would take many steps, blowing into automatic hook. But why do people continue to be fooled, all from greed?. Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice new, all dream to make a website is also earning large quantities of gold each day, do, do one hundred also do, so no matter what kind of mail, click, automatic surfing, automatic hang, all registered first installed the software and the result? A few days later certainly shouted fooled, completely uninstall.

online part-time fangpian, is actually very simple, the novice to choose when the project must keep their eyes open, carefully verify its authenticity, believe that as long as almost all boast high income is a lie.

suddenly heard online part-time to earn money, he lost his head, regardless of the consequence, registration time, without thinking and research, easy to be deceived, as if it were raining flowers advertising, for a period of time suddenly found fooled. All efforts wasted, a blow, simply give up part-time online to make money. The result is not worth the. That the couple met online part-time projects go to sh419 search, you can search the project name + liar, if the search engines are said to be the big liar station, the 90% above is a liar, recommended novice don’t do it.

novice online part-time to make money, easily confused, do not know how to start, how to choose the project. According to their own free Wangzhuan Wangzhuan experience, summed up the three points, to help newcomers get anti cheat, let you Wangzhuan road detours.

but in the Internet era, everyone can use and sharing characteristics between open platform, control the right to speak, so that some people began to compete or even deprived of monopoly of traditional professional field, the field became Crowdsourcing mode.

Ronald Coase once explained the value of an enterprise: in a completely open labor market, people could sign contracts with each other, sell their own labor, and buy other people’s labor.

payment of the project need to be careful, first you have to know if the project itself has the ability of the profit, if only the fee will be able to get a powerful online platform, the platform can have so many benefits, and then motivate you to introduce more people to pay to join. For example, before the creation of the Internet, 1982, these can be said to be disguised pyramid schemes. Better not join. Because even if earned, but also conscience. Because you earn money by deceiving others,

figures show that in the United States, people who do not work in specific places have accounted for 1/3 of the entire U.S. workforce, and are growing at a rate of 10% per year. This trend could spread to China in the next few years.


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