in March 14th, shlf1314 announced in the United States that it was willing to pay $90 million to end the click fraud case".

in fact, the "click fraud" trouble is not just like Lao Fan advertisers such as sh419, shlf1314 and other global search engine providers who also feel very headache.

bloodthirsty spawned a highly developed sense of smell, and found a high reward project thousands of miles away. Of course, the network is so developed, as long as the publicity properly, the release of a mailbox on the web, a variety of BP will follow. How to find valuable, interesting and potential business projects in the mountains of BP has become a major problem that investors are facing, and it is also one of the problems that need to be solved urgently.

2005, shlf1314’s revenue reached $6 billion 100 million, almost all from search advertising, although it claims to click fraud accounted for only 1% of sales, but for the online advertising business and brand image have caused a huge negative impact.

we talked about capitalists and their characteristics in politics, but they still do. A venture capital fund to grow including Angels, bloodthirsty is the most important. The basis of investment is the input. And the first point is to solve the problem of throwing. The investment fund, bloodthirsty genes, determines its profitability and growth.

"malicious click" in China is showing a flood and uncontrollable situation." Wang Jianjun, vice president of search for Sohu, said the malicious click of online ads is an industry secret.

      chain enterprise boss Lao Fan, in order to expand the franchise team, in sh419, shlf1314 and other search sites put a large number of competitive ranking ads. Although the "click charge" advertising model, the monthly advertising fee is still high, but the effect is far from expected.

old fan does not know, participate in the ad clicks in addition to some really want to understand customers to join, more clicks are not.

engaged in fresh electricity supplier business, the process known as relatively painful. Meanwhile, we have the demand for investment and financing. Today issued a document to say about entrepreneurship financing a little understanding, is that I think about how to find some ideas about investment, sent out, I hope it can be worth a visit. Want to have "entrepreneurial heart" of the grassroots crowd, of course, written very superficial, so inadequate, please forgive me,

story project, capital value equity withdrawal mechanism. A lot of capital are too lazy to find good projects, directly from the end of the concept or to find the concept of speculation, playing the game of throwing disk disk access. All you have to do is to project the story well, then find the capital and play with them. This will require you to better manage your connections, find them, become friends with them, and become the next project they want. At this time, the project itself is not demanding. So you see a lot of things that you don’t seem to be looking at or even want to know. Why did the project hit the headlines?. Speculation, speculation, defeat, and then speculation, will always be successful.

"every day there are different interest groups have a variety of purposes in the click advertisers advertising, this phenomenon is called click fraud in the industry," a former sh419 dealer told reporters.


      according to its analysis, there are several possible malicious clicks. The first is the competitor for, is to consume a lot of opponents of the budget; the second is from the search engine advertising alliance website, the implementation of their advertising click behavior for each click advertising commissions; third reasons may come from bidding agent service, as part of the search engine PPC service providers to the agent from the commission the user input costs, users of the PPC more on advertising, service providers can get more revenue.

I’ve seen two kinds of startups: mostly stories, and a few doing things. From the project itself, each has its own truth and advantages, and who can do it in the future is not always necessary.

investment fund uses a variety of criteria to assess project risk, that is, to decide not to invest. Often the standard may not the same, and this is some well-known investors special skills.

Yahoo Corp said in an interview

"Click fraud >", President of product management at

if you are entering a stage of intimate contact with funds, perhaps these words will help. First of all, you must know in your heart whether you are telling a story or doing something.

$90 million,


Abstract: investors are always smarter than me. I only use the most stupid way to say the most true words, and use the best ideas and give all my efforts. Only a little chance will be successful. Do not want to "bigger, you can get investment" this thing, not suitable, do not do.

in the interests of the drive, agents are no longer artificial clicks, but the use of related software automatically repeatedly click on the ads published on their own website, to increase advertising revenue.

work type projects, such projects, if they are good, are not in themselves

1? Admittedly, capital bloodthirsty

2005, shlf1314 was in Arkansas, several companies sued, claiming its purchase of shlf1314 advertising not achieved the expected results, shlf1314 was accused of click fraud. After a year of mediation, the incident came to an end recently.

"watered" click ads

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