third: long term optimization techniques

? key role of long tail keywords

1) can give our site to bring a lot of traffic — if a site can layout a lot of long tail keywords, the long tail word can have good rankings, so that these long tail word can give us a lot of traffic


example: what are the long tail word Shanghai dragon


: the first for cognitive

knowledge? !

(1) to the internal structure of the site, just.

The optimization of the long tail word !


long term

many of the webmaster friends thought it should be for the long tail word cognition is not thorough enough, why? Often and some webmaster friends, said the long tail word is our target keywords website website development of the word, in fact this is not wrong, but the lack of comprehensive understanding of:


2) can give us a good website weight value, improve the site keywords ranking, if a large number of long tail word of a web page can be loved in Shanghai included, page before the voting principle know all of us, this will enhance the overall power site weight increased by

site can be said to be very important, because we all know that most of the traffic sites are from Yu Changwei words, so for many webmaster friends, for the understanding of the long tail word is not very thorough, do not know how to carry on the long tail word site to the overall optimization, how to make an important the long tail word site has good rankings, optimization of operation experience of my own long tail words based on their experiences, to share with you:


so that the long tail keywords is not necessarily just our target keywords expansion, as long as the long tail word layout of our website can give our website users, precise flow can be said to be long tail keywords

3) can improve our site volume, enhance the site’s conversion rate, if the long tail word we layout enough accurate enough and can solve the traffic, users of our content that is not will enhance the site’s conversion rate of

usually people will think of the long tail word that Shanghai dragon skills training, Shanghai, Shanghai dragon dragon optimization, what is Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is what are the relevant keywords and so on, Shanghai dragon expansion, we should think about Shanghai Longfeng knowledge is very extensive, including website optimization knowledge very much. The station optimization and stood outside optimization, what is, what is the chain within the chain, how to build a high quality articles and so on, we can not say these words to our website can bring a lot of target users? These problems are not our Shanghai dragon which is often encountered, to understand the

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