select the web site keywords is an important matter of site planning period, a decisive role on the long-term development of the site after the day. If the improper selection of keywords, and sometimes you are in a full cut throat tactics of the Red Sea, to face the cruel bloody; sometimes will go no human habitation swamp, only in the helpless desolate in the difficult trek. On the contrary, if the key words just perfect, then you will probably find a piece of predecessors did not find the blue ocean, in which you can enjoy traveling, play a multiplier effect. So how to select suitable keywords? Don’t worry, this note selection and the basic methods in three aspects, I will from the keyword selection of basic principles, choose according to operation procedure, operation specification, and finally gives a constructive. You can refer to my site free-themes-complete贵族宝贝 reading, you will help.

1. ensure that the target keywords have a certain amount of search;

1. content. Keywords the content and requirement of the target has a significant correlation, the conversion rate of visitors.

3. ensure that the target keywords can bring directional traffic to the site;

4. can not be too narrow. Keywords search too narrow is relatively low, even no search.

5. higher commercial value. For example: for the sale of TV website, "the principle of" LCD TV is low than the word "LCD TV price" business value. Try from the key analysis on the psychological and visitors intention.

4. according to the competition website CS, looking for competitors website keywords CSK (Co>

)Keywords ESK

2. search number, little competition. Through a large number of detailed keyword mining, search the number of relatively large, relatively small keywords competition.

1. according to their own site, try to summarize site keywords, keywords are SK (Seed Keywords) seeds;


is a basic principle of


two. Selection based on



2. according to the seed keywords SK, development tools use keywords to generate seed (Extension Seed expand keywords ESK Keywords;

2. ensure that the target keywords too fierce competition;

steps. Keywords

3. according to the development of seeds, looking for competitors website CS (Competition Sites


3. is not too broad. On the one hand, the higher price competition keywords are generally larger, broader; on the other hand, broad keywords low conversion rate.

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