domain name is now over 302 redirect, made a simple description of the page, the website domain name, and will automatically jump to the new domain name, this.

, the name of two famous website experience to bring home articles to the author, and attracted a lot of. But the fact is that these two articles are bullshit. In general, there are two main lessons here, write out the hope of help to you. First, don’t change the domain name, domain name has changed much harm to the website, read this article, you should be able to feel. Two, the domain name to do a 301 redirect immediately, remember 301 redirect, not 302. The author of the website, because there is no time to do a 301 redirect, not only a waste of the PR value of the domain name, also let the new domain name will not be included in Shanghai love. 301 redirect the most effective function is to transfer the weight to the new domain name.


remember a few months ago, I published the first article on the keywords in the rankings of articles in a well-known Internet Marketing Forum, at that time I was a Shanghai white dragon, see keywords climb to love Shanghai home happy. In fact, can be routed to a large part of the reason is because the home keywords low degree of competition. This year, in the hands of experienced several web sites, according to the plan, adhere to the longest is now. The site started as a forum, is now, just become "XX forum". From the WWW domain into bbs. This is forced to move, because the line of WWW as the main domain name to support the new website. As a small forum of the original website, can only accept a secondary domain name, the domain name had to be changed, and we must change the domain name.

because this is the author first replace the domain name, when the boss changed the name, I don’t know. In retrospect, such as operation, it is a failure. Then, get to do a redirect, began to think that the boss has done 301, who knows to do 302. The difference between 302 and 301 is the temporary jump, the latter is to tell the search engine to replace the domain name forever. To understand the code, and the first to replace the domain name of the people, to do a 301 redirect, it is best to find space for help. After half a month of 302, included two sites have become zero. To stop 302, then the new domain name included second days jumped to more than 400 (before the name love Shanghai included more than 5 thousand). There are those short-lived keywords ranking, because the original domain name is Shanghai love your home, so the main keywords still ranked in Shanghai love home, but the actual words came in love the first page of Shanghai only 8 days later, the rankings are not click to enter. My heart is really hard to force to the point of despair. See also hanging in the home site (the original name), not open. The new domain name, and in Shanghai love home thousands of miles away. Then, naturally, the original domain name PR3, straight down PR0. All efforts to fight before the original domain, all zero. Because the new domain name in Shanghai love impression is not good, scars, promotion more difficult.

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