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registered each forum three to four accounts, if the company has a lot of human resources you can register more account. The registration of multiple accounts in order to avoid being blocked when there are other accounts of foreign propaganda, but do not link between the account, in order to avoid a blocked account account also received other implicated.

character signature set, and then posting forum posts and replies. We speak one by one. When we were back, we have to choose:

, the first registered some authoritative forum.

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, often said that "content is king, the chain for the emperor". A website in addition to the editing work. External links is also essential. The chain that we often say what is meant? The chain also called external links, or links, which can bring the spider crawling access links, that is to say to your website links from other web links outside the site. Currently very popular in Shanghai Longfeng chain mainly from several aspects: micro-blog, forum, space, Post Bar, know B2B platform, etc. So how to do the chain in the forum? Here we follow the network to learn about love.


because more people flow high weight, we posted in the forum post will have more people. Or when we use Adsense tools to check our site outside the chain, are generally high weight of the chain in the front row. These illustrate the high authority website is still very popular search engines like love Shanghai. Such as: World Forum, A5 forum,

fourth, the

account is the need to do some tasks up to a certain level can only be set character signature. Such as: Phoenix, Tianya blog. But some account is one application you can set character signature. Such as: Sohu, red beans community community, a push. Because some of the forum, set up is not the same, here to ask advice to set character signature from one to two is appropriate, not too much, it will be love Shanghai that is a keyword, has a negative effect on the website.

Forum We

(2) replies content not meaningless value. If you reply to someone else’s post just perfunctory material things worthless, "on

character signature set

second, each forum, three to four accounts, and do not account between link

(1) replies less, not more than ten. Because we all know that love Shanghai included page location only ten, more than ten words your reply will be included in the second page, second page not included on the first page of the ideal, so we can be the first time the thread, this may be the first time the search engine included pages included together. Otherwise, the next time to the time of the commencement of the chain, the chain when this page is included only included in your site number.

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