Q: the first time we talk about every guest mode, one of your examples impressed me deeply. You said you could make a Zegna shirt at a very cheap price. Now where the ads are Li Yuchun and 29 yuan T-shirt, do you think that every guest deviating from the original direction of


A: I think the problem you just said, is certainly a mistake, because we had no direction, where the customer is in the direction of out of step by step. Why every guest in 2010 2010 without question, because no one understand what happened to every guest. In fact I said, every guest in 2010 and 2009 and 2008 have a world of difference, is the user group of violent change, and the change of the products.

in the 2009 150% compound growth, growth in 2010 300%, inside this what happens? Is the product of trial and error, the user a huge amount of growth, in 2010, the growth of the user is 2007 ~ 2009 3 years together 2 times. Why? Because we are no longer talking about the Zegna issue I discussed with you, these changes are T-shirts, canvas shoes. On the day of our T-shirts, T-shirts a product, the day brings new users over. When I was eating with others in 2010, there was a little girl who had to take a photo with me. I said it was your mother or your father to help order it, she said no, is to use pocket money to buy canvas shoes. The day I finished eating out all the way on the phone, call us shoe business people, I say you must do all code, do not hesitate to do all code, not what the adult code what children’s shoes and so on, do the whole code.

Q: where the future is to make WAL-MART cheap or want to do fashion quality UNIQLO


A: your definition of UNIQLO is certainly wrong, just started making cheap brand uniqlo. You go to Japan to see, UNIQLO jeans is the cheapest, T-shirt is the most expensive, this is the ideal of uniqlo. But why UNIQLO will have a impression on you here? The first time, the second is the size of. And Zara, today filed Zara. Don’t you think it is a successful brand? And later Zara and H& M also made a very important thing, they began working together and big fashion designers, to attract attention, this is a process of brand operation. We started on the Internet, the Internet is the ideal of civilians. If one day you get people around Chinese in lower wear every guest, I feel like this is the most cattle, and my values and there is no conflict of interest view.

so you put that view is against me, in fact, in 2009, to find my people very much, said the brand premium is very important, say you see where customers are so many users, a >

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