must be complete, verified by W3 website will be very popular search engine welcome.

4, the size of the site, the site and the number of

usually different types of domain name love Shanghai also give different weights, followed by.Edu,.Gov,.Org,贵族宝贝,.Net,.Cn, so there are some good conditions or application domain.


1, the website of the external links

normally, let your website link row in the search engine search results front has been related to the success or failure of a web site. Because a web site is usually 61% of traffic from search engines, so make sure your website ranking in the search results before, on most sites related to success or failure, and love Shanghai as a domestic search engine big boss, love Shanghai ranking has become our goal is hard, then love Shanghai, influencing factors our website ranking what

love Shanghai never to big website especially trust. The classification of plate beneath the plate more, more substantial content, the higher the weight given to love Shanghai. This is more in line with the "content is king", love Shanghai pay more attention to the content of the website.

for example: the government, schools, media and other types of website weight is relatively high, and violence, external medicine sensitive topics such as the website not included or very low weight, even directly blocked.

title, 2, "the title is concentrated (keyword must contain the words you want to search, the more accurate the better), site title (< Title >), title (< H1 >) must contain the keywords, the more accurate the greater impact, is almost a decisive role.

8, the site code is as normal as possible


6, Chinese is English pinyin or literal translation word)

7 site type is also very important

finally want to tell you is love Shanghai artificial intervention and a great chance, do a good job, do not cheat, especially keyword stuffing. The first www.ww45>

For example, Whether the domain name contains the keyword (

5, the domain name suffix is more important

external links are very important for any search engine. For example, you search under the Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon, in the first row of the site is definitely not one of the external links.

site Jianzhan older the love given by Shanghai higher in the rankings influence website age. The website site is from the age of love Shanghai included time to date. For example: the domain name registration period is 2010.04.11, which was officially opened and love Shanghai included date is 2010.04.25, then to the website now age less than 2 months.

site age 3 siteThe weight of

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