maybe you website optimization is very good, very patiently to do original content, pay great attention to the quality of the chain, included snapshot is also normal, but the ranking is not stable is the appearance of "diving" phenomenon, it can be concluded that you >

third, the artificial interference

second, the chain is not stable


first, the chain construction is not reasonable

I have a do paint keywords website, one or two months before the website weight is very high, the snapshot update, many keywords are ranked in the love of Shanghai is on the position, but since the beginning of April a fall in love with the sea week after the update, the ranking has been unable to stabilize. Since then its ranking changes regularly, every time to fall in love with the sea week after the update, most keywords ranking and website weight recovery, but on the second day, ranking immediately again before the update so bad, right down the site again. This situation has lasted for almost a month. I love to take a person to experience Shanghai’s ranking for a year to analyze why the recent frequent "diving" section of the website ranking in Shanghai love.

of the station outside the chain, the chain of YAHOO 403, love Shanghai anti chain 1580, compared with a business chain station such that. But I recall thecareful in the chain how many are really talk about the link of high quality? The answer is not much, the station most of the YAHOO chain are one-way links to other enterprises, it can be said that the author is more all the resources are used to the single site, the number of is not to say, not a quality. Love is most of Shanghai’s anti chain forum signature affixed to the top link, the rest is a blog article text links and other site links, can be said that the reverse of the station is very monotonous. Although the resulting tool found love Shanghai anti chain is 1580, can really love Shanghai to see the 100th love has been omitted in Shanghai. I think the biggest impact is the chain of frequency, because the keywords busy work, not a good grasp of the chain of time, do not do it regularly, always a period of time not to do, for a period of time to do a little more.

on the station outside the YAHOO chain, there are many one-way links business station is not for a long time, because of the large websites are outdated soon that there are some links by hanging black chain here, nobody station fortunately, one tube station to see black chain will be deleted immediately. I do love Shanghai chain, many management forum was quite strict, can be said to leave a link on the left than second times, some even immediately ShanTie titles. By this point we can see that the site is not stable.

recently there are many sites in Shanghai love ranking frequent "diving" phenomenon, not only is the author of several web sites have their "diving" phenomenon, the other part of the site owners also appeared in the same situation, keywords ranking when good or bad, "diving" within a short interval, almost all ranking changes within two or three days this time, let many webmaster remain perplexed despite much thought.

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