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said the Shanghai based Phoenix, basically everybody has his own opinion. Then Shanghai Longfeng optimization essence, different people have different opinions about it or not. After all, God can not be entirely blown, need to prove case. This is from the A5 clinic we can know how to become a webmaster industry giants. Every time a length of less than a thousand words clinic content, covering Shanghai dragon aspects, combined with the latest algorithm direction of love Shanghai mainstream search engine.

this time, A5 station came into being, and open the A5 clinic to help countless problems to identify the direction of "youth". As everyone knows, the site was K, the website drop right back, the direction of our website has been ranked the Patriots obstacles. So, what can we learn in the A5 clinic in the case of

, that is to say, learning Shanghai dragon not far fetched to the foot from the actual basis. Shanghai Longfeng optimization development until now, the dedication and how many people can keep beginners. Recently interviewed some people, consulted some strong, have some insights. It can be seen from the A5 clinic, we need to keep a positive energy inside, continuous learning examples, learning new knowledge, so that practitioners never


1, web based optimization can not be less.


2, the website optimization can not be less profound.



sometimes think, now the Internet is so bad. Ten years ago, the woman said, what I need to go to the site to find you, can not play a dozen pages to find; it is a search engine especially love Shanghai dozens of pages that may lie, what documents are not. For example, key words: download Thunder in the way of Thailand embarrassed embarrassed, you find that tears ah. This is a strange Baidu of the "lost" or rather baffling rules, hyperlink or blame us Shanghai dragon to do.

, for example, data analysis of web based optimization, your site included, outside the chain, weight, keyword ranking, the actual situation and the change of the snapshot. Another example of the title of the website writing mode, in principle, not the key word accumulation, generally recommended "style main keyword keyword _ 1_ keyword 2 site name", described as far as possible long tail keywords plus fluent etc.. There is a station on the bottom of the primary key Links. In fact, play these small problems affect the ultimate fate of your site.

Shanghai dragon industry every struggle, we love Shanghai for Webmaster Platform or perhaps disdain and helpless, for the Google webmaster tools are just thoughts and desires, only with only Chinaz, why and A5 in Shanghai Longfeng station network. Thanks to these three big websites, gave us industry too much support and love.

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