2, the content of the. In fact, this is the relevant page link optimization one aspect, we can make reference to the link, it will not only improve the user experience, but also help to establish and improve the system of internal links.

3, the "a" "next" link optimization. For the same category of the article, we can use "a" title "a title" in the form of optimization.

for link optimization related pages, generally have the following several ways.

1, the use of special fixed keyword strategy. A simple example shows that if we now have a large industrial sites, and we need to do to optimize the keyword link bearing ", then we just need to put all the articles on" bearing "to prevent a special page, then all bearing related articles with the special link to achieve the purpose of optimization. The special strategy operations belong to Shanghai dragon, later in the article will focus on improving the.

from the user’s perspective, the relevant page or article links can greatly encourage users to conduct in-depth content mining, so as to improve the website PV. The search engine, because the entire content of the page with a large number of related to the content of the title link, thus greatly improve the degree of correlation between page and the page keywords of the page in the search engine rankings will increase.

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