what is the high quality of the chain? Da Yu believes that the high quality of the chain should contain 4 points.

this morning to check the website keywords ranking as in the past, it does not matter, several key words out looking for the investigation, Links Chama did not find the reasons, finally check the chain, less than more than 1000 domain, the original, often a local global forum closed, depressed ah."


chain to extensive, it can effectively reduce the risks. If you deploy the chain is too single, may cause the search engine antipathy, thus lower the frequency of the spider crawling website, reduced, keywords ranking drop. At the same time, widely deployed outside the chain is avoided due to their own reasons of the disaster release platform.

site is very important, the search engine will be cleaned regularly with no value and low quality of outreach. Here the low quality including low weight site outside the chain. At the same time, the chain website is search engine punishment or drop right, also need to pay attention to avoid joint.

er said that many Shanghai dragon, the weight is the first element of the chain. But Da Yu believes that stability is the plan, stability is of overriding importance. As we at the beginning to see a friend, hard to do N the chain, back off site, all white do. So, choose a certain visibility of the site is good, after all, there are security. There are a lot of Shanghai dragon love bubble forum, adding anchor link in the signature. At first glance, this is a good way, everywhere, everywhere for. But it must have a degree, don’t link spamming letters, then The loss outweighs the gain..

The weight of


widthThe construction of the

search engine will be more and more tend to provide more relevant search results to the searcher. We have to take precautions in the deployment of the chain, the correlation into account. And with the development of the search engine, the correlation will be paid more and more attention. Compared with the general chain chain has a higher conversion rate. And associated with the chain, but also reduces the maximum may be deleted.

hopes this article can have an effect on everyone, only a clear understanding of the importance of the quality of the chain, the chain deployment more efficient we can. The original, reproduced please indicate the source: 788 China windows talent network 贵族宝贝>



is more than Da Yu saw in the webmaster online posts. Although Yu felt the rankings off is not only the chain that one reason for reduction of violence. But the importance of the quality of the chain remarkable. Although we often say that the quantity and quality of the construction of the chain depends on the outside of the chain. But we also have a few stationmaster friends really pay attention to the quality of the chain.

two, the weight of

, a stable

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