The strange phenomenon of

webmaster website met a lot of love, Shanghai eleven, snapshot not update, search keywords different snapshot date are not the same, encounter strange phenomenon more, owners can not know these phenomena not to regard it as right, all means the site hair disease. In the forum to see a net friend asked home no snapshot, but the page will be the second phenomenon, Yue Huai marketing (www.yuehuai贵族宝贝) to analyze the mystery.

: the first website effect. In the site after revision, encountered such a situation is very normal. The spider web crawling content, change the structure of the site, not in accordance with the normal way to grab, will be a review of the home page. If the site is because of the recent revision of this phenomenon, the webmaster need to find out the weight of the home page, through a 301 redirect to the new site to the site before the revision, in order to avoid 404 errors when the spiders crawl links. After the website page can be included, that spider every day to crawl sites, just the weight of the home page is not high enough, so there is no snapshot date given, the webmaster can anchor text links to the home page, page settings, improve the weights of the home page, to guide the spider crawled home page, then gives the corresponding weights the.

second: Web page structure error. No home page snapshot date, the webmaster to want to check the web log, the spider is to crawl the website home page, if a log in the spider crawling, but the site is not included, then the owners will consider whether the site is construction error, home page is set up JS jump, or whether it is complete, flash website whether the code is wrong, sometimes is home to more than a few lines of code in the DIV tag or a lack of a label and so on, this case will not affect the access, but will affect the spider crawling home page. Often use the IE browser, you will be prompted to browse the web is wrong, then we can prompt error information through the browser, to improve the site, so as not to affect the code error in web crawling spider.

third: website optimization cheating. The webmaster sometimes in order to increase the weight of the railway station, home to a great degree of optimization, especially on the home key layout, encountered such a strange phenomenon analysis website, will make the same mistake of the webmaster, a large number of keywords accumulation in the title, H tags, ALT tags, page layout, there are too many keywords the accumulation of spiders crawl to the website home page, will think this site is cheating optimization, and it does not give the corresponding weight. But if the inside pages of the site optimization of moderate intensity, update the content of high quality, and will crawl within pages into the database. Because the page optimization excessive, causing such a strange phenomenon is very common, the weight to the home as soon as possible, optimization of the front page or check, if there is a lot of cheating, cheating on the removal of optimization methods, the weight recovery. < >

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