is your key skills three, to promote the site, do the drainage, put the relevant information published on your website.


technique, was observed in each Post Bar, key questions are provided which aspects of the problem, there is no reply to arrange some posts, collect over purpose, which is to solve the questions of the people.



above is as shown in the figure, I released the Post Bar, now has more than 150 floor of the reply, but I did not think that it would have such a high traffic, of course I have something to do with it.


skills, the related questions post is collected over, and then go online to find content, data over, make a question and answer it out.

skills, through the above I share in your home page and the inside pages to the website so you can share the love of Shanghai, directly to the promotion of the article you want to share to other sites. This share out inside the post a link. Is how to let your potential customers.

because these days in the operation of a station software promotion and optimization. So I will go to the Post Bar drainage key: software, system, windowns system, etc. these local drainage procedures. Of course, this process also encountered some setbacks. Start directly in the Post Bar love Shanghai post, send a lot of instantly deleted. So I thought of a skill. In the online home page, column page, page, where to share the love of Shanghai third party. What is my purpose in doing this? By the way to the post third party website, publish the information delete posts will reduce the chances of a lot, there is no guarantee by 100%, but the success rate of 70-80% is still there.

recently I was operating a website optimization process, because some time ago 11, let my site flow rapid decline. This thing makes me very headache, sleep at night, of course, have also done a lot of data sharing, statistical comparison search flow inside Shanghai love words with the usual, found little change, so the judge big reason is because the double 11 shopping carnival. I waited for 2 days, the data did not change much. So yesterday morning I started anxious, I used to love Shanghai Post Bar drainage operation skill out. Of course, this is very important skill, the so-called " ", Post Bar; drainage; if you go to some small love Shanghai Post Bar promotion, basically not much use, is very simple, your post, for a period of time down in the home, the popularity of Post Bar obvious to you, this is not the network promotion have the effect very much.

to share with you, how do I put the web traffic through the promotion of Post Bar on:

let me share a love I do in Shanghai Post Bar yesterday a drainage related case []:

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