takeaway O2O field has become increasingly fierce fighting.

hungry, the United States to take away, Ali Amoy little, Baidu takeaway, coupled with easy Amoy food, home gourmet sinks… All players are pushing this competition to the peak.

industry, the new O2O war and last year’s taxi APP campaign in the same breath, but this war is definitely not the case, small-scale conflict". O2O take away the war will determine the next Internet platform – like Ali, Jingdong so huge platform.


new platform war

data show that this year, China’s online shopping transactions amounted to 24200 yuan. While living in the local service industry, catering industry turnover has reached 27672 yuan, broad prospects of catering market has surpassed the amount of online shopping, but now, through the Internet starting online catering is less than 62 billion 300 million — about the outbreak of new markets.

on the other hand, for O2O, the restaurant is excellent entrance". Catering is a very high frequency of use (on average 3 times per person) services, with great value in the entrance.

in the electricity supplier war, buy war, the Chinese Internet ushered in a new platform war – O2O catering platform war. The war also presents an interesting ecological model, the winner of the electricity supplier war Ali, buy the winner of the war, the United States mission, as well as focus on takeaway O2O hungry it formed the strongest three party forces in this war.

year of life and death

Zhang Tao

public comment and the United States and the group’s Wang Xingdou had mentioned, catering O2O market is very much like the early Taobao electricity supplier market, full of imagination.

Amoy little person in charge Wang Yulei said: I will be scouring the dots to create the next Taobao is very confident, like to participate in the process of creating Taobao and Tmall. Taobao activated the domestic courier, electricity providers IT, warehousing and other markets, Amoy little chance to activate the third party takeaway, IT support and other markets in the third party. In other words, Amoy little food and beverage services to create electricity supplier ecology, into Ali’s new business civilization."

and hungry founder Zhang Xuhao predicted: "in 1 years, online takeaway ordering pattern will be formed, and later want to occupy the market will pay 10 times more than the cost of."

as a platform to take away the O2O, Taobao will be the same as the formation of stickiness for businesses, and the establishment of the brand traffic is basically not subversive, so each spell speed.

takeaway burn wars, efficiency of

Lei Jun’s words a good summary of the internet war only fast break". That year, Taobao’s free strategy war eBay, the recent taxi drops taxi subsidy war, the core of these strategies is to fast – fast circle of users, fast >

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