first, Shanghai dragon learning must have patience. Shanghai dragon website optimization is always the continuous improvement process of continuous adjustment, the best not only better, so patience is the first necessary quality to the Shanghai dragon. We know that website optimization is a long-term work, because every step of the operation we have to wait for the search engine evaluation, such as search engine for website content included, for the website content quality judgment, the chain weight and quality assessment is a process, not to say that we do effect tomorrow today came out. So even if we optimize means very clever or wait for the search engine based on our website assessment period, will give a certain weight and ranking in this period of time, we still need to optimize the site constantly, constantly improve and enhance the user experience of the website, continue to publish high quality website chain. This waiting period is the time to test our patience, is a novice to enter the industry entry permit.

third, website optimization needs some editing ability. Before entering this occupation, beginners must understand you for text editing and whether they have the ability to grasp, if you do not have to exercise more learning, because.

second, Shanghai dragon learning need to understand some basic elements ". We know that the main website optimization website, who carrying our optimization strategy and thinking is of course website for the website, constitute the basis of knowledge is very necessary for research and study, such as the common site marker here not in the list, you fall in love with the sea search HTML code base for this keyword through a lot, EDITPLUS software or DW software can be directly used for debugging and learning, we know that in the optimization process of website structure and code, by modifying the website source code with CSS for example, simplified inline styles, adjust JS, fine-tuning the website module are required to have basic code debugging ability. Proficient in HTML, because it is a simple computer language the most basic language, is the most easy to understand language, mastering the basic code optimization, is undoubtedly enhance their communication skills and search engines, this language is equivalent to his personal translation can be very good to optimize our thinking into related the code, so as to enhance our weights for the module or elements to the ability.

optimization in the process of learning, the author found that many beginners can aimlessly today to see the forum posts as the important content, tomorrow and see is the key chain in wantonly looking for a variety of chain release platform, continue to update the website chain, in fact, these practices themselves not what problem, everybody know website optimization in good user experience based on the content and the chain is that we must insist for a long time to do the work, but I want to say is a beginner must have a clear idea of learning, and this is not hit, the hit is good, today I bring you a study, Shanghai Dragon beginners need to have those basic skills.

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