love Shanghai search engine guide pointed out: a web page can row to the front, the search results from " " is very important, if from a site weight high website, the row to the front of the possibility of greater and vice versa. Usually the weight of zhuzhandian is the highest, the site will inherit a partial weight from the primary site of inheritance, depending on the site quality and decide.

, find a primary domain weight high domain

1, the title and Description: the title is the priority among priorities, description of user experience plays a large role. Since the love of Shanghai frequent update algorithm is proved once more that the weight of the title and description is very important. Write a title and description must be defined according to the key words. It is of little significance.


so after the practice has proved that the two level domain can also quickly improve rankings. The optimization of the medical website (贵族宝贝, followed by the website of the key

so needless to say, how important is born. People rely on clothes, beautiful money to hold. So is the website, to the two level domain rapid ranking up to buy a high weight, high flow, high user. The third best website. This is not a problem of weight transfer, two can express love from Shanghai review period.

site layout: layout of the site should be a tree shape, which is beneficial to the spider crawling. At the same time make the best of every page in a new window, so as to reduce the rate of jump out.

2, !

3, the main navigation: if the company is not required, may be appropriate to add a keyword or keywords is the same similar words. If there is a requirement that goes without saying.

two, the station optimization

we need to have a state of mind, the two level domain name as a domain name of the attitude to do optimization, or attitude is everything. If you always feel two domain bad mentality, then optimized up out of the question.

4, breadcrumb navigation: guide the spider and user to clearly know their position.

with two level domain name to do the ranking has been controversial, the author found many related articles found that many Shanghai dragon people are entangled, that is not conducive to optimizing the two level domain name. I was like that in the past time, but after I witnessed the practice and found that the two level domain can also be full of sound and colour.

5, classified at the bottom: what you have to do keywords and product information of the company. The purpose of doing so is to contribute to the natural accumulation of keywords, but also a very good chain, so as to achieve rapid ranking.

two level domain name website pays more attention to the overall optimization of the station, if the station optimization, then the multiplier.

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