the user needs is fundamental to improve website traffic. The site, to collect the user’s needs, love Shanghai quiz, mining long tail keywords with webmaster tools, to address the needs of users, to meet their wishes, will continue to increase traffic to your site. This website also includes the core keywords, including hot news, hot news and organic combination of keywords, can always maintain the user’s attention.


a well run website, one day there are hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands of IP, if you do it one by one analysis, is not a real thing. We use some website traffic statistical tools, the user visits the site, the residence time, how much is the loss rate, then do the analysis, if more than expected the bottom line, it should take effective measures.

the bottom line?


? Listen to the views of users of the

in the content of the website is updated, timely understanding of customer needs

users access the site, there will be less of a point of view, unfortunately, we can not see their comments, so we can only through other channels to get feedback information of users of the site. In Shanghai Longfeng optimization, most of the owners are focused on the website publicity, seldom go to the maintenance of website users, Shanghai dragon optimization objective is to row in front of search engine, so as to get more traffic, let more people know the website, Shanghai highest level optimization is to forget the Shanghai dragon dragon, website operation for a period of time after many users directly enter the website address access, even if there are 3-5 users one hundred users, this is the most gratifying thing. How to listen to the views of users of the

no matter what type of website, website traffic is indispensable, Shanghai Longfeng optimization in order to improve the site visits, the purpose of the website is for customer service, users access to the site is to meet a need to solve the problem, website does not provide users with any useful content, users will quickly drain. So, the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, should pay attention to add some human thing. This requires from the user’s point of view to optimize, how to consider the problem from the user’s point of view? A lot of listening to the views of users is an effective way.

users access to the site, their evaluation of the site did not know. Think the problem, to find a way to solve the problem. The first way is to find friends to visit their website, listen to their views, because we are acquaintances, in face of the consideration, some opinions are lost.

from the user’s point of view of the ultimate goal is to retain customers, enhance the user on the website of the impression, so as to achieve the purpose of site visits. Based on this, before working on the orientation of the website, website content updates, such as external links, to do a simple test: ask users to access the site I need to see what results? The other can get what results? How much is the website user loss

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