for each stationmaster, for visitors and search engine spiders provide fresh high quality content is one of the daily work, if a long-term not updated site in the content, visitors and search engines will eventually lose. To update the contents, we are not as long as every day update several pieces on the right? How much is this? I think just to update and update is not good effect. When we update the content but also make full use of the existing data, namely the construction of traffic data back to content, to achieve the best effect. Then I will discuss how to use the background data to build content to share their experiences.

: by constructing the content value of

site PV value

in the two data above the site of the background, we can see that in the home visits the site is the largest, but this is normal, but when we analyze the need to exclude the home. The inside pages of data, we can find that if the page access times and stay for a long time the page is often more visitors love the page, and when we update the content of the site, it should be the first to consider the content of the page, because the construction of as content, we should follow the visitors like to go. This is to improve the site’s friendly experience, have a good role in promoting the increase of the viscosity of the site.

surveyed page click rate and the bounce rate of

PV is a webmaster to determine the user friendly experience of the visual channel, because if our site PV value is high, then we can say that the residence time of visitors on the site that is long, but also can reflect the site’s user experience is high from the side of good friends. Just imagine, if the user does not love your site, where more in-depth access. In this regard, the webmaster in updating the content, but also the first analysis of the PV value of the site. The specific site is shown as below:

generally, according to the time of the user data access in a site we can see, the most visited time in this period of time from nine a.m. to noon eleven points within a day of flow, as shown below, then we can according to the contents of the data on the site update time to make arrangements, we can choose the content in this time period the largest amount of user access in updates, especially for the information site, can let visitors see the fresh content timely. At the same time, we also need to pay attention to, is not to say that this time the larger flow will all update is complete in this period of time, I also want to do quantitative in other time periods in >

Figure 1: analysis of data from independent visitors


site background data analysis PV Figure two:


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