decide on what path to follow? The author analyzes recent trends in Shanghai and some love and love Shanghai Shanghai dragon enthusiasts to explore it, draw the following conclusions:

love Shanghai for the medical industry site constantly strengthen management, display in the search check condition record information should also be one of its unique features. Shortly before love Shanghai update, search results love Shanghai in all the medical industry site is marked in the website is the website for the record and the record type. Love Shanghai official said, the purpose is to help users identify the formal medical institutions website. But I think the medical industry site marked record information should be just the beginning, according to the particularity of the medical industry or other special industry and other requirements of the site should be followed. Now the medical industry in search results, only those who have the old station, news portal, health class, the new station and personal site is almost non-existent, is the medical industry optimization really no way to go

fell in love with Haikou head has said to all sites are alike, but in fact since 6.28 began, Shanghai began to love for this particular industry medical websites started to suppress its work, but we were not found. I have a friend has been running for nearly six years at the site of a 6.28 incident was plucked, and in many of the old station is love Shanghai plucking, many innocent sites, therefore, love Shanghai officials also made some ready to accept either course explanation.

two, on the site title, love Shanghai has repeatedly stated that on the official website of the resort to deceit, posing as behavior, so be sure to make the website in the formal title, to do their own brand, in line with the user search habits. Don’t bite off more than Fletcher keywords, but not hit certain well-known medical institutions lie


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three, really from the perspective of the user experience, good website content, as far as possible to provide users with useful information. Like before blindly collecting or false original is impracticable. This is love Shanghai has a clear target, so when we do content, in addition to considering the content of the original one should start from two aspects of the relationship between the quality and the content of the web site.


webmaster forum on medical record information website shows a screenshot of the

This is the love of Shanghai

, engaged in the medical industry site is the most important issue for the record, since the love sea will record information indicated in the search results, certainly not love Shanghai said just to let users identify so-called formal medical institutions so simple. I believe the love inside Shanghai certainly have a complete identification record and give different treatment according to different record information algorithm. In the record types in the enterprises and institutions best enterprise record of personal record is not recommended.

The medical industry site optimization Although

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