Shanghai Longfeng mainly on the site of the internal links and skills, Shanghai dragon is a long process, and the construction site of the internal links for the best line on the site before it is constructed, the search engine will be more popular in internal link network structure. The internal link is also related to the website ranking, so we must attach importance to internal links website, this website rankings can be further improved. The internal links planning on the overall site can refer to "explain" the basic framework of internal links.


two, when used in the text on the label in the article, according to the official documents of the search engine, and some test, Suzhou Shanghai dragon that H1> H2> Strong = Em> > Alt> Flash ordinary text; such a weight sequence. Generally speaking, we use H1 to define the text title, or channel name; H2 is generally used to define the subtitle and channel keywords, Srtong and Em used in the main text, emphasized the role of the keywords from. The Alt property is used to indicate the subject and keywords of the picture. In addition, Flash in plain text (i.e. no text animation components) can be crawled by search engines, but the weight is lower than ordinary body is therefore recommended to use less Flash.

four, the most important key link to should appear in the front position, spiders crawl page are from left and right and from top down order to crawl the site content, the content is more important, the site should be at the front of more and more close to the position of website main keywords, so the more convenient the spider crawling.

The main measures for the implementation of the Suzhou

five, the increase in home page and inside pages >

three, tags links, according to the website size. If the site is very large amount of information, you need to use tags links. If it is a small site, do not need to do the basic classification of tags links. Tags links can be understood as related to the content of the polymerization. For example, the right auxiliary section of the Suzhou Shanghai dragon blog is tags links.

, using the anchor text annotation, for example we want to link to another article keyword is "how to attract the spider", we can add anchor text notes "how to attract the spider to climb up my site often, it can accurately tell visitors this is linked to what content, does not allow the user to generate the wrong understanding, will also have a certain advantage for search engine optimization. The specific approach is < a title=" how to attract the spider to climb up my website " href=" 贵族宝贝; Shanghai dragon often; winter贵族宝贝/? P=24 "target=" _blank" > < /a> how to attract the spider; of course, can also give the anchor text with Strong thick, but use less.

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