Joyce Shanghai Dorothy clothing Limited company’s clothing brand, therefore, the company blog, we used to call Joe Ian blog. At the end of 2009, Joe Ian Alibaba wins two awards, a Alibaba ten Blog Awards, an annual award winner is small wholesale. To this end, I interviewed the general manager Huang Li Ian joe.


before the interview, I read and can be said to be on the Joe Ian blog. The provisions of the company is the location of the organization of the blog agents, the results in a year’s time, Joe is mainly through the blog organized 1000 network agents, annual sales rose from 08 in to 09 years of 40 million. This blog is composed of a team to carry out the idea to the general manager of the team and that each article blog should consider "who are we?" it is in this concept under the guidance of a year ago blog also blunt, a lot of articles of some agent "the notice", "Regulations", but a year later, the enterprise is really and agents in a stage to dance.

in about 14 months, Joe Ian wrote 183 articles, there will be an article about 2-3 days. If the classification of these articles, the content is about: the seller’s growth plan, customer service improvement case, the agent’s story, interactive common topics, corporate culture show. In these articles, almost all of the human nature, details, real expression. A visiting ticket agent, on a question of products, from business to business less of a change, can be vividly reflected in the blog, the agents can truly feel this blog is a platform for growth and suppliers together.


in the interview with Li Li, I have thought to give Joyce blog can be successful, there is a saying, is the positioning of the executive power, is to adhere to?. But Huang Li said, "a friend helped us refine 2 words, called ‘attitude’. Friends said, this is our job to bring her feeling, attitude toward the product, the quality of the attitude, the attitude of the staff, the blog attitude is very serious, very strict, very practical, give people a strong sense of practicality. I feel like she’s talking about it."

I quite agree with the attitude. It makes it easy for me to think of the letter from Rockefeller, the American oil magnate. Rockefeller tells Mason story to his son, three Mason the same stone in the sculpture, the first said that he was very tired; second said he tired also do it, because to feed their families; third said, this work is very meaningful, I am doing a work of art. Finally, Rockefeller told his son, "if you think that work is a pleasure, life is a paradise. If you think of work as a duty, life is hell."

also has an American, "fortune" magazine editor

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