chain can go to some Shanghai dragon forum original article, of course if you can contribute to the master is good, simple post is certainly not the master page weight is high, most of the high weight website submission is not allowed to send the anchor text, so leaving only pure text sites.

download station if people collect the title and introduction to both before and after adding some original text, let love Shanghai know that you have completed this section of the article on the page that included and rankings are of great help.


download station website title and description to be short, because we are on the download page to get traffic, the main keyword set again good also not attract much traffic, simply let people search the title of your website to find your site on the line.

When Keywords

well this is a look at how to download station is Shanghai dragon can upgrade their download file page keywords ranking, so as to obtain a lot of traffic, today there are many download stations, most of people are relying on the acquisition, and were careful to see pictures and description file download station weight high introduced mostly their own original writing rather than directly copying others, like to write original articles.

exchange Links must pay attention, do not casually exchange stations exchange chain must exchange IT network website, the same is the best download station, because if the keywords and theme website does not match the exchange chain for both sides is not good.


a lot of people will say if the download station each page is manually modify original words will certainly spend a lot of time, the current site or lazy majority, so that all love on acquisition, because it is very simple to update the article page, in fact, love is not too disgusted Shanghai collection, as long as you collect articles to the user help line.

Don’t download the

page directory depth is too deep, it is referred to as the domain name / directory / article ID this article addresses is the best, don’t put the five or six directory page of the article as set of keywords ranking is bad, because the spider grab something less to the directory hierarchy with higher weight, too that is the weight of the main station is highest, then is the column page article pages.

collection also should pay attention to the collection of things must conform to the site and, don’t you download station Collection >

how to get good rankings, that is a lot of problems, the current web station, every kind of movie, comics, download station and so on, these sites if Shanghai Dragon Well, there are a lot of traffic will get, but don’t try to collect all site articles or pictures of what others, even if it is to collect copy also should be modified, because the search engine recognition will check whether repeated pictures of MD5, if you repeat that picture is copying pictures, try to compress volume will automatically change MD5.

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