1, you told the media auction, especially PPC auction. That said, you understand that not all clicks have the same value, all targets both inside and outside the media will maximize the value of your business.

. The Wall Street Journal quoted GM marketing director JoelEwanick said, "GM is indeed put on the platform of the Facebook advertisement in the re evaluation, although the content is very important and effective platform." According to the director of ScottMonty Ford, head of social media said, "we found that Facebook advertising is very effective, when we put the content and form of innovation well together, it will achieve the best effect of advertising."

Of course, All advertising Very satisfied with the

in a general consensus online marketing, advertising management professionals is the best FacebookPPC SEM supervisor. This understanding is correct, this column will discuss some of the best examples of SEM. Facebook advertisement has some very social media can learn from the case. Facebook ads also share some main characteristics of online display advertising, in the last column, I will summarize this. The following are five reasons why SEM professionals can not miss Facebook advertising:

, general motors, Ford motors and the advertising company will not use the same self service interface (mainly medium-sized marketers use) to buy most of the Facebook advertising, but the selection is essentially the same. Obviously, in the Facebook platform, the quality of advertising impressions, click is different, the influence of the direct marketers and click on the reaction are also different. Now, even in the industry around the invalid click prosecution. The famous lawyer JonathanShub said, "we noticed that advertisers in the evaluation of advertising click and impression advertising and even Facebook advertising effectiveness is not very wise. We still further with advertisers to communicate, to take effective measures to improve the ROI, let Facebook to honor the commitments made by advertisers." And Facebook has won many brand advertisers recognition, the advertising effect into a product sales force.

in our discussion of search engine marketing should run Facebook ads, on the topic of Facebook has already become the focus of attention. In the Facebook before the listing, the Wall Street Journal reported that General Motors cancelled in Facebook

3, you know, how to evaluate advertising click, then feedback to adjust the innovation of advertising, advertising auction.

2, you know, the difference must be targeted advertising "quality score, quality score difference would kill your marketing activities.

4, you know that the landing page matching point >

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