recently busy, plus not enough manpower, in the customer site optimization above a lot of negligence, made a lot of problems, the actual design summed up, hope to all the Webmaster Help, many of these problems are caused by my careless, actually these can be avoided. But this can also explain a problem, that is to make Shanghai Longfeng must certification, otherwise we will pay a lot of unnecessary trouble, affect our optimization effect.

first problem arises in the selection of key words, the customer and the optimization of the key keywords I actually appeared typos, this is no problem not corrected, wait until after the site was included and I found that there is no way to change, as you may know, this will greatly affect the ranking effect, leading to the site be right down, the site was introduced in the first 10 pages, and is included in the search engine speed slow down, did not come for a long time to grab, plus the customer’s urging, I felt a bit worried, a large number of the chain, in a very short time inside and outside the chain rose sharply, due to the attention of the search engine, I feel in the sandbox, it is not normal included rankings, sometimes suddenly arrive Shanghai love home, but second days and no love, plus the recent adjustment of Shanghai Many, site is down right, so my new needless to say, it is no way, I Disasters pile up on one another., began to slow down the speed of the chain, every day carefully do external links, after all, I optimized website too much, there is no way to do a high quality original soft Wen, in the actual situation the website design company has time to do original, such rankings do not stop, so to determine the site of the title or keyword must be careful, he will directly affect the site’s ranking.

third a website, no way to write a lot of the original, we all know that the soft release platform, more let take two links, such as A5, the owners of the house site, one is the most, so there is no way to write, can only rely on the exchange of friendship links and forums and the signature links, but the amount of the transfer is not necessarily a good thing, not the number of ways to control every day, sometimes reprint articles or the right time can be included, sometimes included only one point, the chain control is not good, the weight and reproduced introduction is too little, the site has a lot of, no ah, I do not know others at the same time.

second is a mistake, website blog program, beginning in order to give customers, using the two level domain name, after the site record down to change is the domain name, but the site did not modify the internal links, resulting in your website has 1 pages, found that later, it is not professional ah, I the feeling is not careful, cause so many mistakes, sometimes we may be such a little mistake will often fan, after all we optimized website too many customers also urged very tight, no way exhaustive, I feel this kind of work might be more suitable for girls to do, most of my site will have this kind of problem.

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