6, UL and ol label

8, div

Div is a web page source code in an important part, and even how much of a page in div is also important for ranking.

7, ALT


are emphasizing the importance of the text label, said. We are more familiar with Strong, EM actually has the same effect, more in line with the standard recommended, we try to use keywords in these tags are also excellent drop.


tag although not what use, but can easily write search keywords for keywords ranking, no index, use Adsense tools can also check out, and ranking updates faster.

labelThe labelA

3, description


2, keywords

4, H

description tag is the theme of the page is a simple summary, tell the user what is this page. The description tag is well written can greatly promote the click rate, is the webmaster should pay attention to the label, if the user needs to directly answer is better, such as the search for how much money the specific price, greatly reduce the difficulty of access to information:

title is important reference tag search engine, occupies a pivotal weight. That not too many words in the title tag, generally three main competition can be, the other key words reasonable layout in the other two level page and the article page. The other is the front position of the keywords to help in the rankings, Shanghai dragon as an example, the top of the Shanghai dragon appeared in the title the front.

Shanghai dragon will find out that Shanghai dragon is not a single technology, it requires you to know a lot of things, the chain is not so simple, at least you have to know the basic standard HTML tags.

page can only have a H1 tag, there can be many other labels, especially the web site logo H2 tag on the line, a lot of website title and logo use the H1 tag in the search engine, it may have suspected of cheating. Also here to recommend a good skill, H1 tags placed on the core word do you need that, and put in the front page, H2, H3, H4 and other long tail word.

belong to the list of tags, the difference is that UL and ol used for unordered list, ordered list, such as ranking should use ol tags instead of UL, where ol is more consistent with the semantic.

1, Title

5, Strong and Em label

typical picture tags, important reference tags, search engine to determine the image content in addition to alt, other image tag is also very important.

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