Wikipedia soso Soso Ask, love Shanghai library, Douding network, A5, soft Chinaz soft, soft, high laggards weight Links platform and so on all the chain high weight website, the chain you can say that they are useless? Can’t bring

search Wikipedia, a new industry may not be easy, but also do not modify several simple, and to love the Shanghai Encyclopedia of contrast, what is different, then you can think of or to replace; the lack of what content of Wikipedia, and then expand over there and their own web site is OK the. Some new related industries or related industries unfamiliar terms are also simple, the effect is more outstanding, if I don’t know what new, tips one way: Poems and songs.

For example,

love Shanghai should now also can not completely distinguish whether there is a value chain, otherwise they would not be in the same article in stationmaster net change the title of the exchange will be included, sometimes not even change the title also included. So I put the effective outside chain is divided into three parts:

1, high weight chain

love Shanghai library, Douding network, the two is not difficult, especially Douding network, casual abuse, but don’t say Douding network weight is high, and no matter and not have related website, must not miss it. Shanghai library is now heard that love is difficult to take the site through, I haven’t got it for half a year before, in thousands, with text or doc, find the article on the A5 change the title too casually.

in the soft, very high weight, there are a lot of hits and reproduced, reflects the value of the article, although not generally associated with the site, but the effect is duly completed, I have used 10 pieces of A5 soft to push some grey industry words, 21 days to get the index of more than 200 word rankings to the top 20, is really very cruel. But it may not be easy to write, can be more A5, chi>

Search ask, although the two are strict, but as long as you know how to do the method is not difficult, plus several Soso Ask the interactive group, put up, let more people to help you answer, one web site, there is a great risk by not deleted. Or their chances of passing some with their own websites and nutritional problems are also great, can also bring the drainage, weight.

website weight?First, some

what kind of the chain chain is effective? What kind of chain is love Shanghai love? What kind of chain is the needs of users in the information? As many meters with the Internet, whether it is love Shanghai or any other search engine, are cleaning up rubbish Internet information to the user the best experience, allowing users to find useful information. Especially in the last two years, Shanghai has always been in love to purify the Internet information, has always stressed the need to do with the webmaster, do not send spam, try to provide the original or the value of the content or the chain. The last time I had published an article about the content of the chain to change today.

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