we will be affected when searching for some colloquial words, enter the words will appear in random order, then the love of Shanghai will automatically correct keywords incorrect order, allowing users to search more accurate search results, for example, when users search for "Shanghai Dragon Phoenix training in Wuhan, Shanghai will automatically love" to you, "Wuhan Shanghai"

users in the search for a keyword, accidentally wrong a word, love Shanghai will prompt you:

2, phonetic recognition ability


Each of the


industry, we have to work on their own to understand. Learn to love Shanghai keyword matching in Shanghai dragon in this industry, then you in words, word segmentation will have more choice. This is the reason of Shanghai keywords love learning.

, mainly the following

Shanghai Longfeng for such a long time, I write more or less accumulated experience, to love Shanghai or have some understanding of the relevant keywords. You can see from the advertising slogans and propaganda video love Shanghai, love Shanghai understanding of the Chinese characters is quite conceited. Love Shanghai always think they are right, but we have no way of love, Shanghai is the Chinese largest search engine, according to his request! We’d better not be loved Shanghai thought influence, and fell in love with the sea together in don’t contradict him (what did he mean), perhaps over a period of time, then Shanghai love facts to prove the idea is wrong, if love can persuade Shanghai (with data to prove), maybe love will change Shanghai. Again, love Shanghai understanding of the Chinese characters to be a little higher than Google’s understanding of Chinese characters, but the advantage is not big, because in speed, Google is much faster than the love of Shanghai, believe that not only I, you think so.

if a term you enter the user search less love, then Shanghai will automatically give you the most similar content, such as search, I fell in love with the sea type "can’t write, how" love Shanghai, will automatically give you, "can’t write, how to do

if you don’t use Chinese input method, the direct use of English Pinyin input method to input some love, the sea will automatically will understand your input pinyin to the closest Chinese characters, if you enter "guanjianci", the result will be the love of Shanghai:

1, the input word spelling

4, automatically correct the input keywords incorrect order

3, Shanghai love will automatically give you similar search results,

why do we know love Shanghai keyword matching



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