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rate second, click: we estimate a factor flow will look at is the position of the rankings, according to the different position to determine the general keywords flow. This way there is no error, but it will be affected by the click rate, because different industries, different users to click on the results of the ranking are different, especially the love of Shanghai. The United States AOL leaked data reflects the ranking for the click rate, as shown in figure


query tool influence: estimated flow first will use tools to view the word search times, however, these tools provide search times and not entirely accurate. Keywords digital display tool noble baby is determined as the number of searches, but according to the statistics show that a lot of people, this data is clearly not accurate, the number of general nobility baby given will be higher than the actual number of search. We often use the love Shanghai index does not represent the actual search times, love Shanghai official did not explain the love of Shanghai index refers to the search times, only the degree of concern, also some effective search times is much higher than the number of keywords to search effective, such as the Shanghai dragon of the word, many people just search to check the site’s ranking. So if you want to accurately determine the flow of search, should also do their own comparison, the actual flow of the keywords known on the site, compared to Shanghai and love index or nobility baby keyword tools provide search times, look at the difference in estimated flow category more accurate keywords can.

The influence of

this figure from the overall ranking is different reaction will have different hits, but the hit rate is not conclusive, but to a certain industry or a class of keywords is suitable, the best way is to take the sample, then the different samples are calculated, and finally get a more reliable search hits.

predictor has certain guiding significance on the website of the operation flow, so to do after the keyword research is the first to estimate the flow rate, common estimate of the flow can be through the tools and experimental method. The estimated flow way is correct, but not entirely accurate, because the flow rate will be affected by various aspects, this paper summarized and everyone today in the prediction of seven factors affecting the accuracy of traffic, due to limited space, so this paper first share the first two, also recently.welcome correct.

well, this paper first from two aspects and share estimate the influence factors of flow, namely the search times and click ratio. In the next article respectively from the integration of search, search engine keywords, click multiple types, for advertising, seasonal fluctuation and so on to share with you. Today is here, the website of the Beijing Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Dragon: 贵族宝贝, also welcome to reprint, please retain the copyright



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