first, to be objective and careful analysis of your industry user groups. This is actually a website localization problem. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, the user group is the vertical industry segments, we get a lot of traffic key site later. Then what should we do? I suggest you first have to carefully analyze your own company’s products and services, if the new station planning best in the first half of the month to hear about the supervisor, manager for the industry’s suggestions or advice, if it is a small company it is very necessary for us to talk about the boss and individual industry users ages and gathering, customer classification and so on the characteristics of the industry are those? We want to analyze and summarize the pertinence, this point is very important.

we know that website optimization is mainly through the website can be the core keywords optimization of Shanghai is the best beloved front page, which bring a lot of effective flow to improve the site conversion rate for the site, as a webmaster, search engine marketing as the line to do business only to the local position properly, the number of people there have the business, while the Shanghai dragon is a continuous planning results, only better, not the best, here the author and we learn together, on the site optimization planning stage how to formulate optimization measures, the good, we continued to enter today’s theme of short gossip.

second, according to the results of the analysis and deployment of web mining. This web site keywords we can not only will gaze to the website main keywords, keywords and long tail auxiliary words are also we should focus on digging, we know the core keywords to a web site for the flow and transformation of this station plays an important role, must be carefully selected on the basis of the study. Secondly, we must combine the strength of the enterprise itself and for site operation and maintenance investment into consideration and evaluation. Without careful analysis, keyword competition is too large enterprises lack of investment is very difficult to make up, finally will be in a nice hobble situation, may also cause the boss to lose confidence for the internet. If the main keyword selection is too unpopular cause even the optimization to the first page but no value and flow is a work not completed. These are the key points in the process of selecting the main keywords we need to pay attention to.


second, principles of long tail keywords. The long tail keywords is the key part of the website traffic sources, long tail keywords competition optimization difficulty, we in the selection and deployment also cannot let down, in the process of selection must be closely combined with the industry you need service requirements of users, and then to optimize the long tail word of their. There is a common example to optimize your mobile phone millet the word, we can in the title on this subject are properly extended, millet mobile phone what do high price in which to buy? It is not difficult to find these words several users are out there, what do, and how to buy these very price? The value and conversion words are properly integrated in, can greatly enhance the user demand, >

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