today to discuss the medical account, first of all to think of us as a patient, to feel under the treatment of the whole closed-loop process.

The quality of the

we spent a lot of time to experience the patient from onset of symptoms to choose the hospital whole closed loop, we also know about the several stages of patient search, diagnosis, treatment, hospital choice. Then the whole structure of our basic account also is very clear. (tip: the original Yao Ruibin fell in love with the sea. "

when we love Shanghai know when consistent with their situation, we have a certain understanding of our condition, then we will search at this time also had XX disease have what harm, what are the symptoms of XX disease. The basic stage of the patients according to their own situation appeared to judge for yourself what happens or what ails

when our basic judgment or we have to the hospital we really got XX disease has been diagnosed. Then we entered the second stage, we began to find some information related to treatment, at this time we will search XX disease, you need surgery to treat XX disease, XX disease surgery how much money how much money and so on, we clearly see that it is with the disease to find solutions to treat XX disease.

keyword choice will determine the flow, then we should be how to choose keywords will be the topic of our discussion today. Then long ago wrote some articles, also referred to the core of "love Shanghai bidding is flow control, the flow is reflected through the purchase of keywords, so this time we should consider is worth us to buy value flow. Now, enter the topic of our discussion today, the auction should be how to choose keywords.

after the first two stages, the patient began to find some good hospital treatment of XX disease (here is not that the patient has been hospitalized before), such as a patient or search for treatment of XX disease which has the best hospital, XX hospital, XX hospital, which is good for the treatment of XX disease and so on, then the patient at this time the purpose is very clear is looking for the hospital, perhaps before the patient in other hospital, the patient may have consulted many hospitals to compare.

if we feel what is the uncomfortable feeling a part of his body, the first time we will feel that he is not what disease, then it will do, perhaps some people will say to go to the hospital to allow doctors to see what the situation (here is directly out of the case), similar appearance 80% such people should first love Shanghai with the help of the Internet, they have this kind of symptom is what. We give a very simple example, these people we do network marketing basic every day by a long time, there will be a period of time the situation of backache, then we will be fundamental in the search engine search yaoteng how, what reason is the waist aches, backache is how etc..

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