love Shanghai officials have responded to this question:

3, standard internal regulations by love Shanghai. We often say that is the default.

? We went to We all know that

2: Web ICO icon. (looks like crap.

1: HAO123 was included, that is, some authoritative and distinctive website.

HAO123 just to find a website, the author previously unfamiliar with the hash network for example:


love once after the update, in some of the more authoritative websites began to appear ICO icon search results before, many owners have been concerned about this issue, see many webmaster friends ask what is love Shanghai website ICO icon,

thus the author draws a conclusion that the website wants to show the ICO icon in the need to have two conditions of love Shanghai search results:

we can see that the love of Shanghai made clear in the search results displayed before the evaluation standard ICO icon is the default, then the default standard is based on what

today I inadvertently found, as long as it is included in HAO123 website and websites with ICO icon, this website can show the ICO icon in Shanghai love search results:

, HAO123 a few years ago it was love Shanghai acquisition, it become a flow of love Shanghai into an important entrance, also included are some very authoritative and has the characteristics of the site, then according to the bold conjecture, love Shanghai assessment of ICO rules are as standard to HAO123 included. HAO123 is included in ICO evaluation DMOZ.

At present,

2 icons in the ICO website is love Shanghai internal automatic mining, the actual range is very small, the scope of mining will extend slowly behind. Is the love of Shanghai has its own set of rules, without any external interference. But other sites still have a chance to be selected and displayed.

cited content:

we can see that the search results before showing the ICO icon, after I repeatedly test, who were included in HAO123 and ICO with website icon in Shanghai love search results before you can display.

Since last year, Shanghai

1, yet no channel for. That is to say whether your website is well-known, and the audience is the way how much traffic there is no way for ICO icon display.

4, not only improve the user search fees, a measure of experience. This is very important, increase the user experience, to meet the needs of users is the most basic conditions of search engines are free of charge, on behalf of the search results ICO icon website is being popular and trust.

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