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spell SEM blog on small through the above, performance is good? May have friends will ask, how to make new sites online search engine people fast included? Little spell is how to do it? In fact, there is no secret what, now for everyone to share the search engines fast included new sites experience.

how to make search engines

fast included new people?The analysis included

suggest that you first look at the small spell "Shanghai dragon HTML Optimization: make your website HTML code is more in line with the Shanghai dragon code" article. Personally think that a line with the verification of the W3C standard "is very important, it is very popular in front of search engine. Before the station officially launched, the basic work of Shanghai dragon to do once, such as a web site title, keywords, description and so on to write, note that the website officially launched after don’t change these, this is a lot of new Adsense will ignore! If you change the website title, keywords, description of frequent words, your site will be search engine drop right, not to mention what included.

on the more than 20 day of the new station on the line, such as the legendary Google has been stable, since the use of noble baby Webmaster Tools submit site map sitemap.xml, BOT (noble noble baby baby crawling robot) to crawl sites frequently, it included the release on the day of the basic update of the content within 12 hours, the current collection reached 233, remove the robots.txt limit of the content, the website included rate 100%; relatively speaking, Shanghai love in general, big update until April 10th, it released the 66 included, website keywords ranking is very poor. The two day in Shanghai included no change, but love Shanghai snapshot date from April 1, 2011 into April 11th, since only one day, this is a good sign. And then continue to observe two days to see! As for YAHOO, soso, Bing, Sogou, a recent search engine, not the individual focus of concern, after all the little spell SEM blog do is regular Chinese site.

little spell SEM blog officially launched on March 18, 2011, on the same day to each big search engine submission web site, the next day to love Shanghai and search included, 20, Google and Sogou included, 24 ~ 28 days, there will be, YAHOO have included. So far, the major search engines on the web site included are good.

for a webmaster, when the line on the website, all set, the most urgent thing is to let the search engines fast included your site, but often backfire, every day is looking forward to visit their site search engine, search engine is more be long in coming. Check the logs are all normal, but is not included, this time will not produce discouraged emotions? The author collected personal station — a little spell SEM blog for everyone to do in-depth analysis.

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