screenshot from me which initiated, contains more than 40 pages. So the construction of the chain although very convenient, but it is not stable enough, money Limited (a play building will consume at least more than 600 gold coins), can not play every floor. But the general webmaster forum to promote the target site related content, the chain will not be the search engine as a cheat chain, causing the site to drop right, even the K

is new, appropriate play building, can guide the search engine website content, improve the site included. But if there is not enough gold to maintain every day playing floor, will cause the increase in the chain is not stable, and cause certain harm to the website. The number of proposals aimed at the railway station playing floor 2-3, to search engine website content this can be. Because the chain of the new station can often surge impact, this can lengthen the new assessment period, and even cause the K station.

If the Kicking a floor above

, a web site needs to maintain diversity, a diversity of the anchor text, the two is the source of the chain of diversity. If a site eighty percent of the chain from the same site, so the site’s ranking is certainly not what. So, a web site outside of the chain has a small part from the forum, so this time can be initiated play building. Otherwise, initiate play building is not much significance, after all, in the webmaster forum is not easy to earn coins.

suggested here, if we don’t have enough gold. "

station?The The chain

love Shanghai foreign chain of new evaluation, if playing floor directly is adding AD and slogan began, it is easy to let the search engine that is cheating the chain, because there is no correlation between AD and the general slogan. It is recommended that initiated play building when added to an article, embedded in the article AD, this can increase the correlation. If it is not for a long time to take care of the site, suddenly launched several times to play building, it will be very easy to cause the attention of search engines. Because not related with Adsense website theme forum, the chain suddenly increased and unstable, very much in line with suspected of cheating. So it is easy to put the site into the abyss doomed eternally.

knows that in the webmaster water run around playing floor in the webmaster forum can be launched together, launched a play building with four anchor text and four hyperlinks. Each launch kick floor is at least five hundred layers (six hundred gold consumption), which is fifty pages. Generally speaking, the morning playing floor included than the afternoon, if the content is novel, a collection of more than 40 pages is no problem, so it can play building all of a sudden increase more than 40 chain.

above is published in the webmaster teahouse voting screenshots, easy to see, most people think initiated play building search engines will not be regarded as cheating in the chain can be in the forum of stationmaster of water, causing the site to drop right, even K station. I think, concrete analysis of specific situations, play building risk, the operation should be cautious.

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