(Figure 2) from November 2014 to April 2015, the global search engine market share chart


and Yahoo – Global to 0.01% of the slight advantage over Bing, ranked third, the share rose 1.68%. While Bing is losing fourth, but also share growth, up 1.23%.

observation of Figure 2 shows that the global search engine five recent 6 months of market share, and fell in love with the sea noble baby -Global share curve fluctuates significantly, and showing a shift in the state. Overall, the trend towards noble baby -Global, share from 53.74% to 65.73%; and love Shanghai trend down, has fallen from 31.32% to 13.34% share. The difference is more obvious. Next month, Shanghai love the ability to reverse the decline, focus on reducing IDC on network.

(Figure 3) in April the global version of search engine market share TOP10


followed by AOL – Global, Ask – Global, Lycos – Global, Excite – Global and other search engines, ranking did not change, share is almost unchanged.

IDC network (idcps贵族宝贝) on 21 August 05 reports: according to market research firm Net Applications latest data show that in April the global search engine market remained stable. Among them, the noble champion baby -Global share to 3.42% of the growth rate continued to soar, has risen to 65.73%. While the runner up love Shanghai share continuously dropped to 13.34%, a decline of 6.48%, is very obvious, and the noble baby -Global to further widen the gap. In addition, Bing lost to Yahoo – Global, relegated to fourth. Below, please see the relevant data analysis.

(Figure 1) in April the global search engine market share distribution

according to figure 1, in April the global search engine market, noble baby -Global occupied most of the country, with a share of 65.73% last month, easily won a 3.42% increase gratifying gains. In contrast, followed by love Shanghai for two months showed worrying, declining share fell to 13.34%, a decrease of 6.48%.

as shown in Figure 3, in April, the global version of search engine market share ten strong melee, noble baby with a share of 21.83% in the first row, in front of second love Shanghai, maintain more obvious advantages. In addition, there are 5 versions of the noble baby selected >


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