this method is more simple, according to whether have the same title articles on the Internet, in order to determine an article is not original, usually with the intitle command to search all the same title of the article, but this method is more than the first kind of sloppy, on the Internet the same title different articles too much, may according to the number of bytes of the content of the judgment.


The two methods of It is reported that

above I said are not reliable, the original content is very difficult to judge, in fact there are too many reprint content on the Internet, including some portal websites not often reproduced the article, like Sina, NetEase, etc.. There are a large number of novel website and film websites are related to the infringement, those novels and video also is copyright, if the love of Shanghai’s original spark program really want to spare none, I am afraid he is not love Shanghai technology problem, but also involves the problem of Internet copyright. But so many sites are affected by the service providers to shut down the site, is in love with the sea station K. Back to original content is not necessarily what the user wants, those who have the meaning of existence of novels and film Shanghai love station station, pay attention to the user experience, so it must not be so dry, I guess love Shanghai’s original spark program for some industries. Guess what would be the type of site


to judge according to the title of the article

principle is who to be included to determine who is the original, for example: I wrote this article to publish their own station, and then submitted to the A5 webmaster, but A5 stationmaster net weight is high, so the first collection of this article, so my site became a reprint of others the article, obviously this is very unfair, such a phenomenon exists in the past, the webmaster is helpless. According to the time to determine whether the original rate of crawling spiders also love Shanghai faster, certainly much faster than now, of course, that the pressure on the server is certainly not small.

fell in love with the sea will launch the original spark program this year, garbage content low quality regulation of the internet key, and enhance the quality of original content website, this seems to be a big thing for the webmaster and Shanghai dragon circles. To be sure to fall in love with sea will sooner or later launch such a program or algorithm, Google launched a panda in 2011, intended to combat spam, love before Shanghai also launched a similar algorithm, but the contradiction between the original and reproduced still are not radical, in fact technically difficult to cure. For example: an article published in the A station, Shanghai love is not included by the B station and B station reprint, the weight is much higher than the A station, B station will be included in this way, you think the Shanghai love belongs to the B of the original station. What are the methods that through technical means to identify the original and reproduced the

? according to the articles included timeThe


NO1: judge

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