The new focus in the development of

e-commerce website, not only is a new emerging, still on the e-commerce platform of new service chain is gradually more tightly coupled, gathered from the buyers and sellers, forming a 2 e-commerce ecosystem, which is the e-commerce market competition inevitable in depth from saturation competition.

2010 Shenzhen ITANY will show some ready to do e-commerce industry chain or provide related services for e-commerce enterprises. In the SaaS mode for e-commerce enterprises to provide management services Kingdee Youshang general manager Feng Jie said that many e-commerce sites found in the extension of business services, enterprise external and internal value in large open. The development of electronic commerce to this stage, the variation of the value chain, Youshang will become a very important service provider cloud management platform."


cloud computing management service platform under the concept of in the cloud, is actually a one-stop platform for e-commerce business management services, is provided through the SaaS way to businesses online, so can the key business data seamless integration business. In fact, as early as 2009, Ma pointed out that 2 net goods will completely open up the CBBS e-commerce ecosystem — C (consumer), B (Qu Daoshang), B (manufacturer), S (service), consumers and distributors trading in Taobao, B2B channels continue to supply, at the same time. S is a service of B service or C service.

held in Guangzhou on the day before the network, has released the latest business support program, Baidu marketing alliance once again high-profile attack, coming out from the camp of Kingdee Youshang SaaS, clearly put forward to do an open platform for cloud services, e-commerce businesses to provide one-stop management services. All the signs reflect the electronic commerce 2 rapid butterfly in mystery.

industry generally believe that e-commerce 2 vertical and horizontal depth of the extension of the two models. The 2 vertical electronic commerce will emphasize the collaboration between industry clusters, from raw material suppliers to manufacturers to distributors to end users and distributors, the middle of the entire business chain and service chain around the necessary need to realize online. From the horizontal point of view, e-commerce 2 will be a new type of comprehensive business ecosystem which takes into account the marketing, customer management, credit management and other functions, not just a platform.

in fact, how to use network technology to achieve a high degree of virtualization of the community, business relationships under the line, online, e-commerce companies can not really independent support. Kingdee Youshang general manager Feng Jie told reporters that the cloud service open platform they are doing, the purpose is to focus on many third party services, many small business line problems completely "move" to the Internet, and easier to solve, such as paying taxes, etc., through their platform can stop complete.

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