webmaster want to increase the weight of the railway station, so the first thing to do is to find a fixed time to update the site, for example: every day is 9 p.m. update, update 5 articles, then try to maintain the number at this time. Let love will love the site into a Shanghai law website, it may have many webmaster will wonder why? The reason is actually very simple, because I love Shanghai love a regular website, if your site is updated regularly every day insist for a long time, and continued for a period of time, then love will give Shanghai the site high weight reward

3 railway station, station in the non essential circumstances it should not change the website

in a certain extent, love love Shanghai is definitely a "fixed" website, which is not a was often changes to the site. Therefore, to improve the weight under the new owners, in which I want to say is the webmaster, can not change the website, it is best not to change, because every time you change a website, then you will drop a weight, if your site is the original weight is very high. So little change occasionally does not matter, but if your site is just on the line, but not what the weight of the new station, so we should pay special attention to the webmaster, because you have a change, not only will lead to decrease the weight of the website, and can affect the website and update, then the site did not improve the weight not to say instead, the website.

2 site, the webmaster to ensure the contents of the original rate of about 30%

website number metric more, each big search engine for the website content quality requirements are increasingly high, if the webmaster cling to those old direct acquisition release, the website is hard to love Shanghai love, but a love without love the Shanghai railway station, how could get what weight. So, if the webmaster want to improve the weight of the railway station, so it is best to ensure that the webmaster website content under the original degrees, for the original content, webmaster before release must be false original to modify it, even if it is just a title webmaster changes, or modify a paragraph Ji good, original anyway. As long as the content of not just as like as two peas.

!In order to improve the overall quality of the


With the domestic

with the development of domestic Internet industry, and more and more CMS website source code, which makes the new site more and more, and the major search engines will also improve their calculation method. Now just on the line of the new sites to improve their weight, it would be much more difficult than a few years ago, but the rankings are also much slower, with the search engine algorithm is more and more perfect, how should we improve the weight of the railway station, if you can stick to the following 5 points, so I believe it’s only a matter of time to improve the new weight.

1 update cycle and maintain the stability of the update, let the webmaster become love love Shanghai law website

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