habitat series release ceremony

after the Maserati super product, the development of the electricity supplier of Ali in the 50 thousand global brand in the high-end brand of high-end brand LED screen, Chinese Home Furnishing industry’s first super brand, one for 20 days in the Sichao goods Ali headquarters started, mousse together Alibaba held the "Habitat" series of healthy sleep system conference, 396 thousand the new element in Hangzhou Alibaba headquarters world premiere, new era of business line leading brands to join the electricity supplier first opened the high-end custom brand.

open a new era of high-end custom electricity supplier

if double eleven is the collective marketing of all brands, then the super brand day is each brand’s own double eleven, and play different.

in recent years, the concept of user-friendly custom more and more popular, into all aspects of people’s lives, to become one of the criteria for the selection of high-quality life. Since the mousse bedding initiative since 2004 has been a healthy sleep system, private custom image for the consumer, to give people a better sleep experience.

and in terms of private customization has always been a solid foundation for scientific research, poê me· habitat core technology T6 tailored test system is a classic in the health sleep system.


President Yao Jiqing explain T6 system

President Yao Jiqing introduction, T6 test system is the integration of the world’s best quality sleep resources, the creation of a new generation of healthy sleep system, is based on the Internet big data intelligent test system. People usually need to go through five cycles of sleep, and deep sleep is the key to the quality of sleep. To maintain the depth of sleep, will be tailored more in line with the physical characteristics of the individual bedding. To achieve customized, it is necessary to study body data. This mousse had high, short, fat, thin, pregnant people of different data collection and measurement times, through the principle of human engineering has collected more than 30000 copies of the sample data, and use these data to establish a model of human body structure of digital science.


poê me· habitat

Based on this

, poê me· habitat provides a set of customized bedding, including bed, mattress and pillow three aspects. Through private customization, poê me· habitat series three main body form an organic combination, to meet the needs of the individual sleep, give the user a better sleep experience. This time, hand Ali, poê me· habitat Series in addition to the next online store sales, will also be fully launched in July 31st Tmall super brand day, with the majority of consumers to meet.

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