Jingdong mall statement, from November 25, 2011 on the amount of less than 39 yuan to receive orders of $5 freight, diamond and double diamond users can continue to the full range of free shipping. The following is an official statement:

respected Jingdong users:

in support of the vast number of consumers, sales and orders Jingdong mall has maintained a rapid growth, in order to ensure the quality of delivery service, so that consumers get more high-quality distribution services, Jingdong mall will refer to the industry practice, from November 25, 2011 to 39 yuan less than the amount of orders received 5 Yuan freight, and diamond and double diamond users can continue to enjoy the special offer free shipping.

as the country’s first investment in self storage and distribution network of retail enterprises, Jingdong mall has built a leading industry logistics system. In the 183 cities to achieve self distribution, providing home from mentioning, cash on delivery, POS machine credit card and after-sales service, and in the opening of the 22 cities in the limited time service. Through this business optimization initiatives, Jingdong mall plans to further enhance the customer experience. Expected in 2012, Jingdong mall will be more than 300 cities to achieve self logistics and distribution, the limit of up to the service city will increase to about 35, the core area to do a day of the three distribution of the 211. We hope that these services can be upgraded to provide consumers with better quality and efficient service for you to create a simple, happy online shopping experience.

thanks to the vast number of consumers has been the support and love of Jingdong mall, we will continue to provide you with high quality services. Online shopping Jingdong, save money and rest assured.

Jingdong mall November 22, 2011

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