believe that every webmaster all know the importance of domain name, a web site on behalf of the domain name on behalf of all the station. If the domain name is stolen, all the hard work before it will have nothing. So it is important to find a good domain name registrar. One thing happened a few days ago, let me completely disappointed in the new network.

things like this. April 1st, my own station (here with as a result of getting a good business keywords ranking. Basically rely on this ranking can earn 10 thousand monthly. I was happy that day, after all, do stand is to earn money. Who knows that afternoon suddenly into their website and found that someone else’s information. After I Ping down DNS found that the domain name has been referred to another IP, when I was depressed, the domain name of the DNS should be the only one I know. It can’t be changed. Then log on to their new network proxy background, and then found a password error, continuous input multiple times, or password error. I call the new network customer service, they said that I call today to modify the agent password, but also faxed a copy of the ID card, changed the e-mail address, password, and all the information. I knew that I was a fake. Then I immediately locked the customer service agent account. After I provided my true identity card, got the password. That man was found by the whois domain name registration, my name, my name according to making a fake ID, only my name is right all the other information is false, fax to the new network, new network service are not actually what they think is the audit, as long as the ID card is me. I immediately gave all the information to others, my agent in the more than and 100 domain name ah. The new network security system is so bad, really chilling! Not to mention I was a proxy, I don’t know who would dare to do the new agency network. Get the password into the background to find their domain name has been transferred away. The new network has not been brought back for me. That moved to an agent in Lanzhou, because the domain name has been renew, so still negotiation stage. Let me wait! The people now use my station, has changed the ranking domain in a complete mess, today has completely changed. As far as I can’t take it back, I don’t even know.

above all is my true experience. If you later want to register the domain name, want to choose other registrars, new it is not safe, but also often. As for me, I will not use the new network agent. In addition, the new network has been registered agents can call the customer service with the new network clear, in case of someone to provide a password to change the password please check other information, or call to inform you, so as not to steal the domain name.

please all registrars are seriously concerned about this problem.

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