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at the beginning of this year, the core part of Xujiahui Digital City, Pacific Digital two calm down. Under the impact of the Internet channel, everyone knows that this is the transformation of the infinite glory of the mall will face the problem. This has been regarded as hopeless. transformation for the computer hardware store, is not painful.

but in the public view of mourning Pacific Digital two, maybe we lost is a kind of social fun brought by the installed, even now the electricity supplier to do enough attractive prices, "but you face is a light emitting display, is no longer hold all kinds of accents living." Like fun, how much have we lost?

from the forest to the delicacy Daqian Pacific Digital two and then to the casual dining leading place. Transformation of Xujiahui digital city seems to be a reincarnation, there are good and bad, there are sad and joy, which is the city’s development of memories and beats.

morning news reporter Chen Cheng

this is an ordinary weekday afternoon. The interpretation of Xujiahui District People’s The stream never stops flowing. downtown, and here seems to have nothing to do, one in the Pacific on each floor of each shop, the business is mainly two kinds of posture — either with the left hand, right hand hold up the head with a mobile phone; or staring in front of notebook computer. The empty shopping malls, even a perfunctory crying and showmanship sound, are almost extinct.

Li Xing (a pseudonym) of the assembly machine shop, located in the Pacific Digital Phase of the third floor, the floor mainly engaged in wholesale and agent business in the past, Xujiahui digital values red era, the floor popularity is not high, but in nowadays, with the building the store has more than 10% vacancy rate well, who cares more to become.

Li Xing is a "80", which he and his friends together to get the store, an area of less than 10 square meters, in the third floor of an aisle deep.

"I don’t do retail business right now," he says. "It doesn’t make sense to work hard and make a lot of money."

so-called retail, and is intended to install the customer face to face configuration and quotation. This business model, was a symbol of the prosperity of Xujiahui digital business scene. Wang Shu (a pseudonym) was once a retail installation is very familiar with the customer.

meets with Wang Shu at the Pacific Digital gate.

"you’re out of line 9, number 1, and it’s the gate," Wang Shu said on the phone. After the meeting, Wang Shu, the first sentence is: stand out from the 1 line of Xujiahui, to which Digital Plaza, respectively, from the mouth out, I am the door Qing, close your eyes can go".

Wang Shu than Li Xing mistress, Shanghai, from the beginning of his junior high school, is a frequent visitor to Xujiahui digital district.

"now a Pacific Digital door even soliciting are not," Wang Shu pointed to.

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