recently, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) to recover the domain name was registered by the Olympic champion, who is recovering expressed dissatisfied.

domain name registration according to some researchers, they found that the morning of August 12th, has been registered by the Chen Xiexia, Wu Minxia, Xian Dongmei Olympic champion CN CNNIC domain has been recovered, and forwarded to the State General Administration of sports for all. In this regard, CNNIC’s explanation is that their registration acts in violation of the Olympic logo Protection Ordinance, and these domain names are reserved for the State Sports General Administration, so cancel these domain names. domain name original owner, Mr. Huang said in an interview, he registered the domain name is just an ordinary three spell domain name, does not involve any rights of the Olympic logo, CNNIC to delete the reasons difficult to convince people, he wants CNNIC to answer him three questions:


first, CNNIC said the first registered in violation of the "Regulations on the protection of Olympic Symbols", also called these domain names are reserved for the General Administration of sport. So CNNIC in the end is based on what to recover? Secondly, since these domain names have long been attributable, why can be registered. In addition, CNNIC in the absence of notification of the practice of forced recovery is legal and reasonable


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