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court launched a case and online case convenient to both parties, is admired by people. This approach will also be used by arbitration department, the reporter learned from a Chinese international economic and Trade Arbitration Commission promulgated the "Chinese international economic and Trade Arbitration Commission Arbitration Rules" will be online in May 1st formally implemented. This rule is especially suitable for solving e-commerce disputes.

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the whole process of online arbitration can be carried out through electronic technology and network. Electronic, optical, magnetic or similar means of generating, transmitting, receiving and storing documents can be used as evidence. "Online arbitration rules" clearly stipulates that electronic signatures and handwritten signatures and seals have the same effect.

Deputy Secretary General

Chinese international economic and Trade Arbitration Commission Shanghai branch Huang Wen told the Shanghai daily, the "rules" promulgated before the arbitration committee set up online, the domain name dispute resolution center can process with electronic technology and solve the dispute through the network domain name.

Treatment of

cases were carried out through the network, whether the complainant’s complaints, the respondent’s reply, or domain name dispute resolution center program, trial case processing and award expert production release through the network.

the whole process of online disputes will lead to reckless arbitration Huang Wen told the Shanghai business daily, such worries are not necessary. Because the arbitration department has accumulated a lot of experience through the domain name dispute case.

online arbitration more reliable

industry believes that for e-commerce, computer data, application software and other IT cases, online arbitration has obvious technical advantages. In the economic and Trade Arbitration Commission Shanghai branch handled by the network game development contract dispute, the parties to the dispute on the game operation software defects or dispute arbitration tribunal, the court required by computer network operation, quickly solve the dispute.

e-commerce dispute is the most suitable for online arbitration to resolve, because the two sides are often far away from the transaction, and the transaction will retain the integrity of the communication traces. Online arbitration can ensure a fair and rapid resolution of disputes. According to Huang Wen introduction, with the subject of the amount of more than 1 million foreign-related disputes, such as the use of the general rules of arbitration, the arbitration tribunal in the group after the court ruling within 6 months closed, and according to the online arbitration rules should be closed in 4 months, greatly shorten the time of dispute resolution. Moreover, online arbitration rules also set up the target amount of 100 thousand yuan to 1 million yuan of simple procedures, closed for a period of 2 months; 100 thousand of the program into the fast closing period of only 15 days.

in addition, online arbitration will bring more economic benefits to the parties. To the subject of the domestic case of 1 million yuan, for example, the average arbitration fee of $37050, while the online arbitration is $36500. At the same time, due to the use of online ad litem can also save a sum of travel expenses. Party >

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